What To Expect When Selling To
We Buy Houses Companies In Colorado


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Selling your house to a We Buy Houses company in Colorado can be a great way to get rid of your property quickly and hassle-free. However, you'll want to make sure you know what to expect every step of the way so there are no surprises. By understanding the process, you can ensure you get a fair cash offer and close on your own timeline when working with these real estate investors.

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What We Buy Houses Companies Do

We Buy Houses companies in Colorado are real estate investment groups that purchase properties directly from sellers in cities within the state. They have the cash on hand to buy homes in any condition and take on the repairs themselves. These companies make money by either flipping homes or renting them out. Their goal is to purchase discounted properties, so they will present you with an offer below market value. The benefit is you can sell quickly without making any repairs.


Why Sell To Them

There are several reasons you may want to sell directly to an investor rather than list your house traditionally:

  • Fast cash offer - you'll know their price upfront vs waiting for offers.
  • No showings or open houses - investors will evaluate the home's condition themselves.
  • Flexible timeline - investors can close whenever you're ready.
  • No repairs required - you don't have to fix anything before selling.
  • Avoid realtor fees - you'll net more by not paying agent commissions.

If you need to sell your house quickly or want to avoid pre-sale prep, we buy houses companies present an attractive option. Just know the offer will be below market rates.


What To Expect When Selling

Selling to a We Buy Houses company involves a straightforward process with only a few key steps:

1. Initial Contact and Evaluation

You'll first want to contact local companies and fill out their property evaluation forms online or over the phone. This gives them key details like address, home facts, and required repairs. Investors will also ask about your motivation for selling. Be honest if you're in a rush.

The investor will then run through their valuation model to analyze comparables and create a preliminary offer. Expect them to present this offer shortly after gathering property details.


2. Home Visit and Final Offer

If you're happy with the initial offer, the company will schedule a visit to see the house in person. They will inspect for required repairs and confirm property details. Investors will often take photos and videos during the visit as well.

After viewing your home, investors will factor in repair costs and finalize their offer price. Expect this final offer within 24 hours of the property visit.


3. Offer Negotiation

You'll have the opportunity to counter the investor's offer if you're unsatisfied with the number. Negotiation is expected, but keep in mind they need room to profit on their investment. Be reasonable if you want to get more on the sale.


4. Accept the Offer and Complete the Paperwork

Once you agree on a price, the investor will draw up a purchase agreement outlining the close date, contingencies, and more. You'll need to sign this paperwork and provide your home title to start the closing process. Expect a fast turnaround here - most investors close in as little as 7-10 days.


5. Closing and Move Out

During the closing period, the investor will coordinate inspections and finalize financing, assuming they need a loan. You must continue paying utilities and property bills until the sale is completed. Scheduling a move-out date as soon as possible lets you get out fast.

The investor will wire your sale proceeds at closing and take ownership. Make sure to hand over any keys, garage remotes, security codes, etc. Once done, you're free from the burdens of homeownership!

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Tips For Getting The Best Offer

If you want to maximize your sale to a We Buy Houses company, keep these tips in mind:

  • Get quotes from multiple investors - more offers means more negotiation power.
  • Highlight sought-after upgrades - updated kitchens and baths mean higher offers.
  • Provide repair estimates - investors can adjust for major issues if they know the costs.
  • Be flexible on close date - companies pay more if they can buy when inventory is low.
  • Clean up and declutter - a tidy home photographs well and raises perceived value.
  • Share positives like good schools and low crime - these neighborhood perks matter.
  • Time offers for seasonality - homes sell for more in high-demand spring and summer markets.
  • Remind them of your motivation - investors pay more if they know you need to close quickly.



Selling your home to an investor provides a fast and convenient way to unload your property, though their offers will be below market value. By understanding the process and using these tips during negotiations, you can maximize your sale price and close on your own terms. Reaching out to multiple buyers ensures you get the best deal on this hassle-free home sale option.