What to Expect from Portland's Housing Market in 2022?


Portland is well-known as an area for moving into. People from all over the world are moving towards Portland and its surrounding areas because of the available jobs and overall pleasantness. Its climate allows for outdoor fun year-round, its food culture is vast and sophisticated, and there are enough people in this city to begin seeing yourself among them.

These reasons contribute to why so many people move into Portland every day. Even with the recent issues regarding the pandemic, the housing market in Portland has been very favorable for selling. The housing market reflected Portland's popularity in 2018 with a big surge in real estate values.

Housing prices are expected to continue decreasing at a slower pace. Experts recommend you sell your property while it's worth the most. The big question right now is: How much will housing be worth in 2022? Portland's real estate market is known for its constant growth and relative stability.

Portland, Oregon

Many variables contribute to changing housing costs, including but not limited to: interest rates, local economy, the median income of homeowners and renters, future waves of the pandemic, etc. As you can see, Portland has continued decreasing every month since mid-2021 - which was a bad year for housing value changes. In other words, 2022 may have a lower median value than 2021.

Currently, it is a great time to look into selling property in Portland. Since last year's prices may suggest the market is cooling down, it's better to sell now and make the most out of it. People looking to move into Portland are more likely to take advantage of this situation, which is a great opportunity for those seeking to sell now.

The best solution to sell your house is cash home buyers. Once you've found a house to move into, the cash home buyers can come in and buy your current home without any long waiting or hassle.

This process goes by very quickly and helps you get rid of a property that's become burdensome to take care of. Cash home buyers give offers for a property almost immediately. With them, you're guaranteed a speedy process, so you can finish in days, which with a realtor takes months.

When you work with a homebuyer, you only need to show your house once to their team. You also don't need to work on repairs since homebuyers purchase houses in as-is condition. There is no need to get worked up in doing multiple showings or going overboard with repair expenses.

If you look to take advantage of this great time for selling your house in Portland, be sure to contact a homebuyer since they're a great way for you to sell. Homebuyers also pay in cash & their offers come with no commitments attached, without charging fees. With them, you'll have no delay in getting the money your property is worth.



This article was published on 01/15/2022