The State of the Post-Pandemic Real Estate Market 2021


Last year was tough for the world. We were all impacted by the rage of a deadly virus that took away thousands of lives in America. Apart from affecting our health, COVID-19 also hit our finances as businesses started cutting operations and laying off their employees. Families also started to fall behind on mortgage payments due to the lack of work and medical expenses.

We had to adapt to a drastic change in our lifestyle. Every single activity that was part of our daily routine evolved into the online world. Bedrooms became the new offices and classrooms for many. The need to isolate and implement social distancing really brought a central focus on the importance of home for Americans, which is why those trying to sell their homes began to fear.

What's the Post-Pandemic Housing Market Looking Like?

During the pandemic, the real estate market suffered a huge decrease in transaction volume as home buyers were scared to leave their homes, and homeowners didn't accept potential buyers in their properties due to the lockdown. However, now that citizens are being successfully vaccinated against the virus, the sun is shining again for the housing market.

The real estate market certainly hit the gas pedal after the pandemic. The sale recovery is strong now that home hunters are purchasing properties that they had been eyeing during the shutdown. Home sellers that are putting their properties on the market are seeing multiple offers and immediate sales. However, here are some concerning facts of the current housing market:


House, House for sale


Rising Prices

Prices are now increasing at the fastest pace since 2006. Sellers are taking advantage of the demand that the real estate market is currently experiencing and started to set exaggerated prices for homes. We must keep in mind that the country is facing a slow employment recovery; therefore, weaker affordability is the main reason for a potential slowdown in housing this year.

Fear for the Traditional Process

Not only are the houses on the market excessively expensive, but the real estate market is facing a challenging situation. Homeowners are still insecure about selling their homes the traditional way even with the vaccine as one of the possible solutions; they do not feel comfortable enough to go back to the usual process of open houses

Builders Are Struggling

As the housing market needs more houses, builders are experiencing some hard times. Building companies had to lay off their workers and shut down operations when the pandemic started. They didn't expect such a strong recovery this year and were not prepared for the huge demand for homes and increased material prices. As a result, many builders are slowing production like never before.

One Solution for Sellers that Look for a Fair Cash

Vaccines have allowed the post-pandemic stage to start, but what if you need to sell your house fast and safely in Dallas, TX? The best option for you is home buying companies. These companies can generally give homeowners a fair, all-cash offer for their property in just 24 hours or less, depending on the availability of each company.