Why Are Cabo Condo Rentals Better Than A Cabo Hotel


Lounge chairs under water. Image by Unsplash.


When booking a vacation in a luxury destination south of the border, the obvious choice is to find a luxury hotel. The prospect of spending your nights in a high-end room in this coastal resort sounds amazing. However, you can go one better by switching to top Cabo condo rentals instead. So, what is it about Cabo condos that makes them better for family holidays than hotel rooms? Are they really worth the extra cost?


The Benefits Of A Cabo Condo Vs Cabo Hotel

Cabo hotels are great, and some amazing 5-star companies are offering stunning rooms and packages to make couples feel special. However, this doesn't work so well for larger groups. Condo rentals are a better choice for the following reasons.


1) Room for all the family

The biggest issue with booking hotels for family vacations is accommodating everyone. Either you all end up cramped in one hotel room with the kids bouncing off the beds, or everyone feels cut off in their separate rooms. A condo rental solves that problem. Everyone has their own space to sleep and relax but also plenty of shared communal areas. It is the best way to create the feeling of a home away from home.


2) Great entertainment facilities and living spaces

Those living spaces can make a massive difference when keeping the family entertained and making memories as a group. In a hotel, you'd have to make the most of a shared pool or bar area before retiring to individual rooms - which doesn't work so well with young children. Otherwise, you're spending all your time away from the hotel and not making the most of what you paid for. Condos mean everyone can come together to watch movies, play games, and catch up after a day of exploring Cabo.


3) Self-catering opportunities

Another significant difference between Cabo hotels and Cabo condo rentals is the self-catering option. Dining out every single night is fun, to begin with, but not so much with fussy children to cater to. With a condo, you can split your time between dining out and eating in. You can have a leisurely breakfast in bed, have lunch and an afternoon ice cream out by the beach, and then cook a family favourite in the condo's kitchen. The best Cabo condos are fully equipped and ready to handle the needs of large groups.


4) Amazing views

Then there are the amazing views you can get when you book a Cabo condo instead of a Cabo hotel. It's a bit of a gamble when booking a hotel. The website might say ocean views from the bedroom or balcony, but how much can you actually see? Are you guaranteed to be on the right side of the building for the best panoramas? The best Cabo condos are right at the top of stunning resorts and offer beautiful views from the windows, balconies, and any terrace areas. Guests who book the infinity view are spoiled for choice when picking their room.


The Added Perks Of A Luxury Cabo Resort

This all sounds great in theory, but there are probably plenty of parents looking at this and wondering about the practical implications. Sure, it's nice to have the whole family under one roof, but who's cleaning up the mess? How much are you going to compromise on and miss out on by having this alternative living space? Well, you don't have to miss out on much when you choose a resort for the right condo rentals in Cabo San Lucas. These self-contained resorts offer a range of different styles of accommodation with the following additional perks.


1) The same luxury vibes

You don't have to worry that you won't get the same luxury treatment when you check into a Cabo condo rental rather than a hotel. A high-end hotel certainly has its perks with all the in-room amenities and that feeling of being away from the real world for a while. You can get all that with the right condo. Depending on the layout and features of the rooms, it can feel like living in a giant hotel suite. You get the same 5-star beds, linens, bathroom products, and other fun amenities.


2) Great on-site facilities

At the same time, you have all the fun of resort life on your doorstep. You can take the elevator down from your stunning condo into a purpose-built space that is perfect for family fun. If you wanted, you could spend a whole relaxing day here while recharging between trips and excursions in Cabo. There are all the leisure and sports facilities, such as the pool and spa areas, as well as the restaurants, bars, and entertainment rooms.


4) Professional staff on call

Finally, going back to that question of who cleans up the mess, the best Cabo resorts have trained staff on-call to help you out. If things get a little rowdy during a late-night cocktail party or movie night with the family, it's fine. The on-site maids and cleaners can have the place looking spotless while you enjoy your time in Cabo. You can also take advantage of on-site laundry facilities. Meanwhile, there's sure to be a knowledgeable concierge who can book trips and offer recommendations for the day ahead.


3) The perfect location

These resorts are always in a prime location too. To be fair, it's hard to find somewhere in Cabo San Lucas that isn't great for a vacation rental. However, the best resorts in Cabo are perfectly situated for easy access to the beaches, fun activities, and more.


Ultimately, while you might have to pay extra for this Cabo condo rental experience, it is completely worth it. Besides, if you can get the rest of the family to chip in on the cost, it will pay off in no time. These all-inclusive condos offer luxury accommodations for everyone to enjoy in comfort and peace. They are a great base for adventures in Cabo and family downtime. When you book a condo in a top Cabo resort, the levels of 5-star luxury and convenience only increase. So, take a look at what suits your family and book that Cabo condo.