The Pros and Cons of Owning a Vacation Rental Property in Bulgaria


Even though Bulgaria is considered to be the most impoverished land in the EU in terms of financial resources, it has many advantages. First and foremost are the provincial recreational resources. To visit the sea coasts of Bulgaria and experience quality service is desired by many tourists. Those who have the finances allow, they are looking for Bulgaria real estate for sale and help in its acquisition can be representatives of the Bulgarianresales corp.


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This market offers the client a lot of advantages. Many buyers are still not sure whether vacation rental is profitable in Bulgaria. Many are scared off by the possibility of falling prey to fraudsters and the bureaucracy of most EU countries. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of owning a vacation rental in Bulgaria and whether it is worth getting involved with them in general.


Advantages of owning a property for sale in Bulgaria

The experts at believe that the advantages of owning in Bulgaria houses for sale include:

  • financial benefit;
  • opportunity for a comfortable vacation;
  • access to recreational resources of the country;
  • additional benefits for pensioners.

As for the financial benefits, everything is as simple as possible. Dealing with how to buy a vacation rental property in Bulgaria, clients see that the cost of real estate here is lower than in other resort European countries. The average house on the sea coast can be bought for about 300 thousand Euros. Such low prices are associated with difficulties after the collapse of the real-estate market in 2008th and the inferior buying capacity of its residents, but for investors, it is a financially profitable injection.

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Moreover, in the future, buyers can both vacation and rent out the purchased property. It will be popular because the sea and infrastructure in the resort regions of Bulgaria are quite developed. There are a lot of stores, excellent roads and sold houses in excellent condition. Comfortably resting in this place will be possible for any tourist. For lovers of winter vacation, you can buy a house near the mountains and in the cold season you will not have an outpouring of tourists.

It is especially advantageous to buy real estate in Bulgaria for pensioners. They have significant preferences from the state. A simple registration after the purchase of real estate will give them access to residence in the countryside. It can be formalized in a few days.

As you can see, Bulgaria has many advantages for real estate for sale or rent. However, there are also some disadvantages.


Disadvantages of buying vacation rental property in Bulgaria

When researching the best places to buy vacation rental property in Bulgaria it is important to remember that some minor inconveniences can be encountered in such transactions. Among them:

  • lack of infrastructure in little-known resorts;
  • problems with centralized heating;
  • prohibition of land sales for foreigners.

When looking for housing for rent in the resorts, you may notice that in small villages the cost of houses is much cheaper than in conventional Varna. This is due to less comfortable places to live. Infrastructure improvement has not yet reached such regions.

The lack of centralized heating leads to more breakdowns and deterioration of the overall condition of the dwelling. Therefore, it is important to carefully check replacements of the latest communications when calculating Bulgaria vacation rental return on investment and profitability.

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The acquisition of Bulgarian real-estate is a profitable occupation. However, it is more reasonable to make such deals with reliable partners. Representatives of will help you achieve your desired goal and successfully invest your money in real estate in the best Bulgarian resorts.