Transforming Your Bathroom:
Designer Tips to Elevate Your Space


Bathrooms in most homes are relatively small, but they can transform any home, increase its value, and dazzle potential home buyers. Therefore, it is always important to pay attention to the bathroom and find innovative ways to make it attractive, functional, and livable. Most homeowners focus only on the bathroom design and size, but there are more ways to enhance it. Here are a few bathroom improvement ideas to consider.



Upgrade Shower Heads

Everyone wants a relaxing shower experience after a long day at work to relieve stress. Therefore, an old or faulty shower head that releases more or less water than necessary needs an upgrade. New shower heads give a bathroom a contemporary feel and could be all required to improve the bathroom. Consider rainfall shower heads since they are wide and have an attractive design. Although they might be expensive, they are worth it.


Spice up the Floor and the Walls

Tiles can improve any floor space because they are available in different textures, colors, sizes, and designs. Besides, tiles can waterproof the bathroom and prevent water damage. Consider attractive tiles that match the rest of the bathroom features to make your bathroom vibrant. Most homeowners need a bathroom designer to install quality tiles or wallpapers that contrast the floor tile colors and texture. These eye-catching details make the bathroom charming and outstanding.


Add Hanging Plants

Plants are always welcome in any room, but some people rarely put hanging plants in the bathroom. Attractive hanging plants can turn any dull bathroom into an oasis. Plants also improve air quality and give a sense of life and freshness. The good news is that hanging plants are affordable and ideal for those with a tight budget. Remember to pick plants that can tolerate high humidity and warmth in the bathroom.


Install a Unique Storage Space

Most bathroom layouts could support generous storage spaces. Therefore, consider introducing a bathroom cabinet, floating shelves, storage rack, or a chest of drawers. This allows users to conveniently store various skincare products, towels, and sanitary products. However, the storage space should match the other bathroom features to light up the room.


Invest in Quality Overhead Lighting

Some people upgrade every part of their bathroom but rarely consider the lighting. However, upgrading the overhead lighting is one of the affordable ways to enhance bathroom space. Therefore, visit a local or online store and compare bathroom bulbs and chandeliers to see how they can transform the bathroom.


Install Marble

Bathrooms with counters and large sinks deserve a marble top. This is the easiest way to increase the value of a property and make it look elegant. Marble is associated with elegance and sophistication, which makes it an ideal upgrade for dull and old bathrooms. Besides, marble can be used on bathroom walls, counter tops, and storage spaces. If the budget is a limiting factor, there are simple tile options that resemble marbles and can do the trick.




Add Pieces of Art

Most homeowners avoid bathroom art because they think the high humidity and mold could destroy their expensive pieces. Fortunately, some framed artworks are designed for bathroom spaces. Therefore, they can help make the bathroom appear more elegant and extravagant than typical bathrooms.


There are many ways to upgrade bathroom space, but these simple ideas can transform the bathroom without breaking the bank. Therefore, homeowners looking to improve their bathroom layout and appearance without stretching their budget should consider these ideas.