10 Tips on Adding Commercial Trash Cans to Your Facility


Trash bins, green lawn


Are you tired of seeing trash strewn across your facility? Are the garbage cans overflowing with rubbish? It's time to invest in some commercial outdoor garbage cans. With the right type of trash cans, you can maintain a clean and hygienic environment that is appealing to both employees and customers. Here are ten tips on adding commercial trash cans to your facility.


1. Consider The Type Of Waste

The first step when choosing commercial outdoor garbage cans is to consider the type of waste they will hold. Is it mainly food waste, or do you need trash bins for recyclables? Do you expect liquids in them? Depending on what kind of waste goes into your container, you may require specific liners.


2. Determine The Right Size

The size of the commercial trash can matters since larger capacities minimize how often they have to be emptied, while smaller ones reduce accumulation time. You must ensure that you choose appropriately sized containers so there's enough space for all types of litter without overcrowding.


3. Look For Durability

Outdoor commercial garbage cans made from cheap plastic materials don't last long because they easily break down due to weather elements such as rain and sun exposure. Investing in durable materials like metals or polyethylene coatings extends their lifespan and ensures that your garbage disposal units remain functional even during inclement weather conditions.


4. Opt For Upscale Designs

Nowadays, waste receptacles come in different styles, from modern designs fitted with automatic lids or sensor controls to models with aesthetic appeal such as those designed using stainless steel.
Opting for upscale designs transforms mundane-looking bins into pleasing additions that contribute positively towards improving overall facility aesthetics.


5. Choose Bins That Emphasize Environment-Friendly Behavior

By opting for eco-friendly options that help save environmental resources through recycling efforts benefits businesses reputation demonstrating social responsibility.


6. Identifying Proper Placement

Identify appropriate areas where placing each container would maximize ease-of-use and visibility to avoid littering while saving space.


7. Think about Security concerns

In some public places, the possibility of theft makes it paramount to place garbage receptacles that have durable locks or be integrated anti-theft systems.


8. Purchase in Bulk

Buying commercial trash cans in bulk reduces pricing compared to purchasing them one at a time. By ordering directly from manufacturers or wholesale distributors, you can secure competitive rates without sacrificing quality.


9. Regular Maintenance

Regular upkeep of outdoor trash containers guarantees their optimal functioning by ensuring they're free from blockages and smell deterioration making your investment worth it.


10. Encourage Employees To Use The Waste Receptacles

With appropriate training programs for employees on how to dispose of waste properly, businesses create awareness of social and environmental responsibility among staff members fostering positive rapport while maintaining cleanliness within the facility.


From choosing appropriately sized commercial outdoor garbage cans, opting for upscale designs with eco-friendly options features play an essential role in keeping business premises neat while managing litters effectively.
Investing in intelligently designed commercial waste bins requires more than just picking one from the shelf but also taking into account aesthetics, placement locations, size ,security & maintenance cost critical factors beneficial overall. Invest today!

Remember that adding commercial trash cans to your facility is not just about keeping the area tidy. It's also an excellent way to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility. By promoting sustainable waste management practices, you're doing your part in protecting our planet and ensuring a healthier future for generations to come. So, don't wait any longer; add commercial outdoor garbage cans to your facility today and start reaping the benefits!