4 Things You Should Know About Metal Roof Snow Guards


If you live in an area where there's heavy snowfall, then you will probably already be familiar with rooftop snow guards. If you aren't then the first thing for you to know is that they are an absolute essential. Snow build-up on one's roof can lead to structural damage, leaks, and pose a threat to anybody who walks by your house because it can fall off in one huge lump.

Snow guards are mainly used for metal roofs. In this article, we are going to cover them exclusively, explaining four things that you need to know:


Rooftop sticking out from a lot of snow


Snow Guards - What are They?

Snow guards are devices that are installed on rooftops, designed to help snow and ice to melt completely and drift off of your roof in small amounts. They were created in order to prevent snow and ice from falling off of people's rooftops in large quantities, which can be very dangerous. There have been many cases where snow falling off of a person's rooftop has led to a person being seriously injured. It is even more dangerous when heavy chunks of ice fall off one's roof. These incidents are called "roof avalanches."

Snow guards prevent roof avalanches from happening. In addition to potentially injuring people that are walking below, roof avalanches can also cause damage to your home's gutters, lower roof, windows, balconies, and skylights, as well as any objects below your roof. Protecting your home, as well as other people, is very important. Frequent snowfall can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Snow guards can prevent damage from happening.

If you have an extremely tall house, snow guards are crucial. Some people argue they are not necessary on bungalows and low houses, but it is better to be safe than sorry.


How Are Snow Guards Installed?

It is possible to install snow guards yourself, though experts advise hiring a professional contractor to come in and do it for you. There are different types of snow guard, from corrugated to standing seam. If you have never installed corrugated snow guards before, or any snow guard, there's a chance that you could mess things up and cause damage to your rooftop. You could also incorrectly install your roof guards, which could result in them being ineffective. You can order your own roof guards online, which will save you money.

When you hire a contractor, you can give them the roof guards that you have purchased and ask them to install them for you. If you allow the contractor to prepare their own roof guards, they could overcharge you. You should try to save money where you can. The installation of roof guards shouldn't be expensive. It's a very simple job. If you are determined not to hire a contractor, then yes you can do it yourself.

Roof tiles

Kingston residents shouldn't think twice before hiring professionals for any roofing work, as there are plenty of experienced and affordable contractors in that area. Investing in professional roofing in Kingston can offer peace of mind. These experts can assess your roof's specific needs, recommend the most suitable types of snow guards, and ensure a proper, safe installation.


How Can I Install Snow Guards Myself?

If you are going to install them yourself, then the best piece of advice that we can give you is to read the manufacturer's installation instructions. You should also be able to find guides online dedicated to the subject, where experts offer advice on how to properly install snow guards. You must do research if you are going to install them yourself so that you can ensure they are installed properly.


Are Snow Guards Necessary?

As mentioned already, if you live in an area with heavy snowfall, then yes, they are necessary. They are particularly important if you have a metal roof. This is because metal rooftops tend to accumulate lots of snow, due to the way they are shaped. This is not usually a problem with tiled rooftops, because they tend to be angled sharply, so snow falls off as quickly as it settles. After a winter's worth of snow, there can be a lot there. All of this snow falling at once can, as already mentioned, damage your home and put people's lives at risk.

Another thing to remember is that if you have a lot of snow accumulated on your roof and no snow guard, your roof could actually cave in. This could result in your home's structure being seriously damaged. If you happen to be inside when your roof caves in, you could become seriously injured. Snow guards keep your roof and anything below it completely intact. So, are snow guards necessary? If you have a metal roof and live in an area with heavy snowfall, the answer is a resounding yes.


Snow guards are very important if you live in a cold area, with heavy snowfall. They can protect your home, your family, and you. Don't take any chances with your metal roof and snow. Too much snow could cause it to cave in, costing you a lot of money.