The "Need to Knows" When Selling Your House As-Is


In emergency situations, you need cash quickly and if selling your house is your only option, you need to know how you can do this. Generally, selling a house takes quite a bit of time. In some cases it can take weeks, in other cases, it can even take years. A lot of homeowners want to sell 'as is' because they need cash and don't have the budget to carry out expensive repairs just to sell the home. Here is what you need to know to sell 'as is' as fast as possible.


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Get A Realtor

Having a realtor handle a house sale is always beneficial, especially if you are selling as-is. The real estate market is a complicated one, and it is not that straightforward to accurately price a house. Nor is it quick or easy to find clients that are willing to buy. A realtor helps cut through the lengthy process and get the cash you need as soon as possible. They have experience in the business, and you can expect to get interested buyers within days of talking to a real estate agent.



Selling the house as is refers to the condition of the home in terms of the structure. You will still need to depersonalize the residence before you can hand it over. According to the realtors at you could sell the home with all your furniture and belongings in it, but it will only complicate things as these items are hard to price. If the new homeowner is going to start afresh, then they will probably throw these things away, so it's better that you sell them separately and make some extra cash. The aim is to make the home as decluttered as possible so that it is easy to price and to market.


Look For Clients

If you have shortlisted a realtor to help you with the sale, that's great, but you can still do some buyer hunting on your end to speed up the process. When you find clients on your own, you can get a better deal since you won't have to pay commission to the realtor. You have twice the opportunity when you have two people looking for purchasers for the same property. Also, a lot of home buyers are looking to purchase directly from the homeowner, so looking for clients on your own will give you this competitive advantage.


Be Flexible

When you put your home up for sale 'as is' you are asking potential buyers to manage all the problems on their own, and it would be unreasonable to charge market price for that property. By pricing your home slightly lower, you make the deal a bit more attractive to them and increase your chances of selling quickly. At the same time, you should be open to discussions and some negotiation if you want to sell as fast as possible.

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Before you sell any kind of property, it is important that you do your homework. Look at what price other similar properties in the area are going for, maybe even visit them to see their exact condition and compare it to your own property. When selling a home 'as is" the key is to price it as competitively as possible and to find as many potential buyers as you can so that you can sell the property fast.