The Best Boston Nightclubs and Bars


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When you go to Boston do what the people in Boston do. Work hard but party harder! This a city that never sleeps. Whether you love hip hop, Rock, or the 80s and 90s blasts, the Boston nightlife has you covered. Thanks to its proximity to colleges including Havard and MIT, the crowd is mostly young people making the parties here electric and high-octane.

Big-name DJs from across the US and the world grace the parties guaranteeing you an amazing time. You just have to bring your dancing shoes and come full of energy because you will need them.

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With your means of movement ready, here are nightclubs and bars you must visit while in Boston for a night you will never forget.



Since its opening night, Memoire has never disappointed with its unending list of celebrity DJs gracing the parties weekend after weekend. Here one thing is guaranteed you will make beautiful memories. The interior is beautifully done with a blend of oozing sophistication and luxury.

Their golden surfaces, soft leather lounges, and marble tables make the ambiance one befitting royalty. The club has also gone big on giving its patrons a VIP experience with 20 VIP tables and boasting several VIP bars available for anyone who loves the finer things in life.


The Grand

The Grand is the epitome of opulence in Boston nightlife. A walk up their master staircase ushers you into a luxurious ambience and it immediately hits you how big a party you have in your hands. The 12,000 sq feet event space is a blend of classic and modern designs and can host around 800 people in its multi-levels that ensure patrons have the best views to enjoy performances as the DJs and VJs do their thing.

On the dance floor, you won't help but let yourself loose. They have an LED screen covering the whole dance floor and a kinetic light system that seems to urge you on as you dance in tandem with the beats from their rib-shaking woofers. If you are looking to dance your night away in a high-end location sipping some old mature poison, then The Grand is the place.


Big Night Live

The Big Night Live is a high-end luxurious music venue with no other peers in Boston. The venue boasts several levels with 30 VIP tables all with great views of the stage. Beautiful chandeliers hang from the high ceilings with carefully selected Venetian curtains draping across the walls. Art masterpieces decorate the walls and you won't help but keep stealing glances at them in admiration. The venue aims to host at least 200 top performances every year offering its patrons a unique experience of live performances in a lounge setting.



With a rich theater history before it changed to a nightclub, Bijou has stood the test of time over the years to remain a behemoth in the entertainment industry. It is one of the best Boston nightclubs with a loyal following that will keep you waiting in the queue if you arrive late.

The club has a reputation for keeping revelers on their feet up to the wee hours thanks to a great combination of carefully selected chart-topping music, great lighting, and earth-shattering performances by their star DJs. They pride themselves in giving their patrons an experience you will not find anywhere in Boston.

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For an award-winning and extraordinary customer service experience that will keep you coming back, Venu takes the top slot. The management prides itself in offering top-tier customer service that ensures its customers have the best possible experience a world-class nightclub can offer.

The interior has a simple yet magnificent design that will keep your eyes busy the whole time. The state-of-the-art music system and lighting bring the whole club to life and even the shyest of patrons can resist the urge to dance themselves lame. Venu is Bolton's best-kept secret.



Just a few steps from the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center lie this 14,000 sq feet 600 seater Empire nightclub. Empire is an Asian-themed club with an eye-catching interior that brings together the imperial and contemporary Chinese designs.

The club is popular for group dinners, private parties, and revelers looking to dance the night away in the mystic realms of Asia. The club also serves Asian dishes with noodles and sushi to die for.

The club has 9 different rooms, three dining rooms with a dedicated private bar and an Asian kitchen to treat your palate. Whether you want an intimate dinner with your partner before hitting the dance floor or you are just in the mood for an electric and wild party, Empire will take care of you.

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Boston is full of entertainment spots that will bring out that little kid in you. The nightclubs and bars here are world-class and guarantee you one thing, a night of your life! Whether young or young at heart the variety is wide you will be spoilt for choice. But of the many available, this article has discussed the top nightspots in Bolton that you must visit to have first-hand experience of the much-talked-about Boston nightlife. Next time you are in Boston, visit one of them and you will be in for a great time.