Stone Countertops Are Unique and Ideal for Your Kitchen - Which One Should You Choose?


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Durability and great looks have contributed immensely to popularizing stone countertops. When designing or during kitchen remodeling, deciding the type of countertop that perfectly balances functionality and aesthetics is one of the most daunting tasks. Stone countertops are available in a broad and diverse range. From the rough and rugged looks of granite to the fancy looks of marble or the unique patterns of quartzite or soapstone, finding a stone that matches your style is not difficult.

In this article, you will get a glimpse of different types of stone countertops and understand the specialty of each. Whether you want to create a modern or classic look for your kitchen or focus more on durability and functionality, you will know how to select correctly.


Marble - the ultimate one

Marble countertops exude a timeless and luxurious charm, and the veined patterns are so exclusive that you can create the most attractive looks, which can be dramatic or subtle. Marbles usually have a white or creamy base and are available in various shades that encourage creativity. The sophisticated looks of marble add a touch of luxury that elevates the space from the ordinary to the extraordinary. There is nothing better than marble countertops to display grandeur and luxury. Being heat resistant, marble can withstand the rigors of kitchen work as you can place hot utensils on the countertop without worrying about damage. However, marble is prone to scratching and requires careful handling.


Granite - the stylish one

A typical grainy appearance gives granite countertops a distinctive look that elevates kitchen aesthetics and assures durability. Granite is available in a wide range of patterns and colors, from blacks and whites to majestic blues and rich reds, and offers plenty of options to fuel creative design ideas for kitchen upgrades. Granite is adamant, and heat and scratch make it ideal to withstand rough handling during kitchen work without needing special care for these countertops. However, the porosity of granite makes it necessary to seal granite countertops regularly.


Limestone - the offbeat one

There is only one better choice than limestone countertops for the earthly looks. The stone's earthy and sandy appearance helps create unique looks that add a touch of natural beauty to the kitchen interiors. The understated beauty of the muted colors of limestone has a special appeal, and the natural hues that seem unassuming look elegant. The versatility of limestone countertops and the neutral color palette facilitate seamless integration with all kinds of décor and designs. However, the porosity of limestone makes the countertops prone to staining, and the soft stone is susceptible to scratches and chipping.


Soapstone - the trendy one

Soapstone countertops have some unique qualities, and their distinctive appearance with greenish, bluish, and dark grey undertones often enhances the appeal. The smooth and silky touch of the countertops is one of a kind. The stain-free property of soapstone makes it a compelling choice for creating some distinctive aesthetics for kitchens. However, chipping and scratching are unavoidable because of the softness of limestone.

Assured durability is typical for any stone you choose. Make sure whatever you choose goes well with the kitchen's interior.