Staging Your Apartment Like This Can Help You Sell




Sales of apartments and condominiums have fallen 39% this year, although the Boston real estate market is now experiencing a boom and property is starting to move quicker. If you're looking for a quick sale, then you're more likely to get it if you stage your apartment. Design really does matter when you are trying to make a good impression. If your home looks stylish, classic and clean, then it is easier for a potential buyer to imagine themselves living there.


Lighten and brighten

Brightening up your apartment is important, especially if there aren't many windows or other sources of natural light. Interior design specialist Jennifer Fisher recommends painting in clean, neutral colors and installing halogen bulbs in your light fittings, you can even install extra wall lights or add lamps if it is particularly dark. Using mirrors in small areas like hallways can help to give the illusion of space and reflect light, you can make them a design feature and create a wall of different shaped mirrors.


Declutter and depersonalize

Lots of clutter, ornaments and personal items can put a person off buying an apartment. 59% of realtors recommend taking down personal photographs and artwork, leaving the walls and surfaces blank. This way a buyer can easily imagine their own items in the apartment. Take inspiration from minimalist design trends when you are staging your apartment. It is also worth considering whether you need all of the personal possessions that you have out on display. If you do, then put them into storage to take out again after you have moved. Minimalism doesn't mean uninviting and sparse, it is about making the most of the space and light and only placing stylish and functional items in your home. Focus on the essentials and remember that simple design can be beautiful.


Think about furniture

Have a look around your living room and consider how much furniture there is in it. If there is too much furniture, or the items are too big for the space, it will feel cramped. Anything more than a couple of sofas, and a couple of side tables isn't necessary and they also need to be in good condition. If your sofas are not pristine, cover them up with a neutral-colored throw. Put any cabinets, freestanding shelves and extra chairs into storage - the cost of renting a storage unit for a month is minimal in comparison to what you may lose on your sale price.


Good design when you are trying to sell your apartment is important. You should embrace minimalism and get rid of any clutter.