Should You Buy RTA Cabinets Online?
Exploring the Pros and Cons


modern kitchen, white cabinets, some with glass doors, big center island with 4 stools


In our contemporary world, the convenience of online shopping extends to a wide array of products, including the realm of home improvement and kitchen remodeling. The idea of ordering kitchen cabinets online, although relatively new to many homeowners, presents a viable and often advantageous alternative to traditional showroom visits. This article aims to explore the pros and cons of purchasing kitchen cabinets online, offering guidance to those considering this modern approach for their kitchen renovation.


Understanding Online Cabinet Shopping

A common hesitation in ordering cabinets online stems from the desire to physically see and touch the products in a showroom. However, the benefits of significant savings and faster delivery are compelling. To alleviate concerns, consider the following steps:

  • Conduct Thorough Research: Investigate the market offerings. Quality varies, so check if the cabinets have durable construction like plywood boxes and soft-closing doors and drawers. How are they assembled? This research helps in making an informed choice.
  • Request Sample Doors: Having a sample door allows you to see the actual color and quality in your kitchen's lighting, offering a more accurate representation than digital screens, where colors can vary.
  • Read Customer Reviews: Understand others' experiences with the company, especially in handling issues. Positive feedback on customer service and promptness in resolving problems like damages is crucial.


Overcoming Measurement and Installation Concerns

  • Guided Measurements: Most online companies provide clear measurement guides, and often, you can consult with a kitchen designer to assist in the process. This guidance simplifies what might initially seem daunting.
  • Professional Installation Options: Many customers opt to hire a contractor for not just installation but also for accurate kitchen measurements, ensuring a perfect fit for the online ordered cabinets.


Financial Benefits of Online Shopping

  • One significant advantage of online cabinet shopping is cost-effectiveness. Online dealers typically don't bear the overhead costs of maintaining a showroom, allowing them to offer more competitive prices.


Weighing the Decision

When considering online cabinet shopping, it's vital to balance quality, budget, and customer service. Ensuring the chosen company has a strong track record in these areas can significantly impact the success and satisfaction of your kitchen remodel. In conclusion, while online cabinet shopping may initially seem daunting, its benefits, including cost savings, convenience, and a broad selection range, make it a worthy consideration for your kitchen remodel. Platforms like Cabinets Bay offer an efficient and budget-friendly approach to transform your kitchen with their diverse range of options and dependable customer service.