RTA euro kitchen cabinets: quality proven over time


Modern kitchen with dark and light colored cabinets. Image by Unsplash


The main principle of the European style is that the furniture should look simple and at the same time respectable. It is characterized by conciseness and clarity of lines, neutral color tones and the absence of excessive decor. Ornaments or drawings are not found in this style, the focus is only made on the natural wood texture.

However, the design of RTA euro kitchen cabinets is far from being trivial. The use of contrasting colors, metal elements, and sometimes glass inserts gives the furniture a special charm and attractiveness.


Visual center

One of the solutions peculiar to the style is the installation of a free-standing island bench, which can be complemented by a built-in breakfast bar. Due to this, the kitchen becomes not just a place for cooking: it becomes a living room where you can enjoy a conversation with friends or spend time with the family. The European style is characterized by utility: all space must be used to maximum extent possible. Therefore, the kitchen island may accommodate a sink, a stove, cabinets and shelves in the bottom part.


Utilizing the entire kitchen space

The top cabinets usually reach the ceiling. They can be fitted with hinged doors, lifting mechanisms and pull-out shelves. The top part may often accommodate an additional row of cabinets, which may be either deeper or less deep that the main row.

To create a unified design, built-in appliances are used. Fridges, microwave ovens and other appliances become part of the interior and do not attract excessive attention.


Natural colors

The euro style is characterized by pastel colors: white, gray, olive, and light blue. However, muted dark hues and elements with a woody texture may also be used. More contrast may be created by furniture painted black and dark gray. A universal rule: only color tones found in nature may be used.


Advantages of RTA euro kitchen cabinets

They are supplied ready for assembly. It can be easily installed without involving the professional workers: all you need is a screwdriver and the video instruction on the website of Cabinets Online.

The notable advantages of the company's products include:

  • free and customized design project development by our professionals;
  • use of environmentally safe natural wood, as confirmed by a FCS certificate;
  • They are equipped in an intelligent way. Shelves, niches, any drawers are designed with ergonomics and functionality requirements in view.
  • High-quality fittings (guides and closers) ensure smooth and easy closing of doors and drawers.
  • Low prices, as it is a family business, having reliable and loyal suppliers.

Orders may be placed accepted by phone: (850)260-0805, using the shopping cart or the online chat on the website. The furniture will be supplied in compact packaging, and ready for assembly.