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REQUIREMENT: Pursuant to Chapter 369 of the Acts of 1996, beginning January 1, 1999 all real estate brokers and salespersons must complete twelve (12) hours of Board approved continuing education per renewal cycle in order to renew their license. All licensees who's licence renewal falls after January 1, 1999 should begin taking the approved curriculum immediately following the 1998 license renewal so that licensees are eligible for renewal in the year 2000.


VERIFICATION: On your renewal application in the year 2000 you will be asked to verify that you have completed the twelve hours of required continuing education within the 24 months prior to your renewal. Licensees must maintain accurate records including written certification of the completion of continuing education curriculum for a period of two years from the date the course was taken for review by the Board upon request. Falsifying your license renewal will result in the suspension or revocation of your license.


INACTIVE STATUS: Failure to complete your continuing education requirements will result in the non-renewal of your license. Licencees who fail to complete the continuing education requirement will be notified that their license has been placed on inactive status. Licensees placed are considered unlicensed and may not work as a real estate broker or salesperson. Active licensees may not employ or affiliate with an inactive licensee as a real estate broker or salesperson. However, inactive brokers and salespeople may receive referral fees. Inactive licensees are still required to pay the full renewal fee. A licensee may reactivate his or her license by applying to the Board and demonstrating that, he or she has satisfied the continuing education requiremints for the renewal period immediately preceding the application for reactivation and by satisfying all then current requirements for licensure.


BOARD APPROVED CURRICULUM: Only curriculum taught by Board approved schools will be credited toward the continuing education requirement. A list of approved schools is available from the Board. It is the licensee's responsibility to contact the school, register and successfully complete the required education prior to expiration of each renewal cycle.


EXEMPTIONS: Only those real estate brokers who obtained their license without examination because they are an attorney at law of the Commonwealth, and are in good standing are exempt from the continuing education requirement.


Out of State Reciprocal Licensees: An out-of-state licensee who received his or her license by reciprocity (without examination) shall be required to demonstrate compliance with the continuing education requirements of their home state in order to renew their license.


Corporations, Partnerships, LLPs and LLCs: Business entity licenses will not be renewed unless the broker of record's license is current, active and in good standing. The broker of record for a licensed business entity must complete the continuing education requirements for each renewal period.

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