Exploring Rental Business Potentials Of Investing In Florida's Private Community


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Florida is currently a hot spot for young professionals and entrepreneurs. The reasons for being such a catbird seat include the state's business-friendly regulations, higher job and business opportunities, low taxes, flexibility, quality education system, and you name it. On November 19, CBS News reported that "renters in the state of Florida saw a double-digit increase in the amount they pay every month to lease a home even though rental costs are dropping in other states."

Our insightful advertancy shows: the rush is significantly higher in Florida's private communities for better security, arranged maintenance, easy accessibility, luxury and modern amenities, etc. Now, higher rental demand and monetary gain in Florida are valid.

Yes, we know only these two pros are not enough for investing in rental business in Florida's private communities. Check out some other added advantages to nourish your decision-making process.


Year-round Occupancy

Year-round occupancy calculations are essential for investing in rental property. Assume that Florida's opportunity rush and long-term renting will shrink after a couple of years, which is not even possible. Worrying context! Come on, please expand your vision! Even if such a disaster occurs in the future, you may rent out your property to tourists along with business travelers. Remember, Florida entertains 122.4 million tourists annually, as per US News.

A house or condo in a gated community is comparable to a five-star hotel. The offered privacy, security, and locations are enough to justify charging a premium for short-term guests. When you consider how much 5-star hotels charge per night (over $1,200), you may realize a few seasonal rentals per month can make a fortune.


Easy-to-meet Regulations

The state government's rental property-related regulations are not that complicated. This applies to both short-term and long-term rentals. Such a facility enables the owner to have renters from the traditional market as well as by using various websites like Airbnb, HomeAway, etc.

Still, property inspections for short-term leasing are regulated. However, the state does not prohibit rental through third parties if certain rules are followed. You need to be aware of the rules of the gated community. It is essential to educate your renters with proper knowledge regarding the respective association's terms.


Restricts Charging the Main Income Account

Investing in rental properties is the best way to leverage assets. Considering the greater potential of Florida's rental business, banks and financial institutions are eager to lend a handsome amount of money, allowing you to make a small down payment.

Your monthly rental earnings will not, without a doubt, allow your wallet to be thinner after paying the mortgage. Strategically, you can sign up for a quarterly increment (not so high; $50–$70 is reasonable) in the rent to maximize the benefit of the mortgage's fixed-term interest (6.395% for a 30-year fixed).


Value Addition with Minor Renovations

The key to rental business success is the addition of spices in a scheduled manner. Renters always prefer updated living spaces with modern amenities. In contrast to your permanent or sale-ready home, renovation requirements are prioritized, and some well-planned interior renovation increases the value to the greatest extent possible. For example, replacing the manual sliding system with an automated facility does not cost much but increases desirability.


Risk-free Investment

Unlike property retail, rental businesses don't seek restocking while not affecting your ROI if the real estate market is experiencing a downturn. With timely maintenance and strategic thinking, you not only get a high return on investment but also create a long-lasting earning funnel.

With opportunities and advantages, you are now on a solid base towards transposing the dream into reality. At this very moment, you need to project the next 2 years' expenses and earnings. Before going forward with the monetary calculation, shortlisting some properties in private communities in Florida is essential. The section below is intended to help you with your selection process.

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Finding the Best Gated Communities in Florida

Owning a cheap or pricy rental property is not practical. You need to look for mid-range properties. You may highly consider Clermont's Bella Collina, Palm Beach's Arden, Vero Beach's Grand Harbor, Bayton Beach's Graystone, Delray Beach's Avalon Trails, and Fernandina Beach's Amelia National.

A 3-bedroom, 5-bathroom home with a 5,054 sq ft coverage area in Bella Collina and Arden costs between $3,499,500 and $4,100,500. Although relatively inexpensive ($490,000-$630,000), the same featured properties can be found in Avalon Trails, Graystone, Grand Harbor, and other communities.

All these private communities are equipped with multiple swimming pools, fitness centers, clubhouses, smooth tracks, parks, and so on. The locations come with easy access to shopping malls, schools & colleges, working centers, and nearby big cities.


Whether you are from Florida or not, having a discussion with community members and location-based real estate professionals is a must-do task. Purchasing a rental property in Florida's private community and continuing on that path requires the respectful practice of the communal guidelines. Educating tenants to do so is challenging and demands time, patience, and effort.