Real estate for sale in Mahmutlar, Alanya


Ocean, Mahmutlar Turkey


The real estate market abroad is rich in its versatility and complexity. Each country sets specific standards of property quality depending on geographical position, climate, infrastructure, tourist flow, and other factors. To make the most rational and profitable investment, it is advisable to get as much information about the real estate in the country of your dream as possible. In this article, we are going to discuss the standards of quality and important issues to pay attention to when choosing a housing object in Mahmutlar in Turkey.


Real estate for sale in Mahmutlar, Alanya

In Mahmutlar there are both high-rise and low-rise developments, generally all modern apartment complexes have nine or more floors, and the biggest advantage of the construction is the proximity to the sea. Reasonable apartment and house prices in Mahmutlar are only 100-500 meters away from the sea. There are often beautiful views of the sea and the Alanya castle is seen from the higher floors. The first line is built not only by hotels, but also apartment buildings.


Standards of quality of properties

Every year millions of square meters of housing are commissioned in Turkey, most of them are located in resort areas, like Mahmutlar in Alanya. All of housing units are built according to the latest standards and technical regulations, according to which:

  • The construction and operation of apartments smaller than 28.5 m2 is prohibited. The living room of a standard new apartment in Turkey must be at least 12 m2, a bedroom at least 9 m2 and the total area of the housing must exceed 28.5 m2;
  • Building a studio (where the kitchen, bedroom and living room are combined into a single room) is prohibited. The minimum standard layout of the new housing in Turkey (1 +1) must include a bedroom, living room (possibly combined with a kitchen) and a bathroom;
  • In the southern provinces of Turkey, the construction of housing is permitted from wood and monolithic reinforced concrete (with a strict quality of concrete mixes and castings). The construction is prohibited from concrete panels and bricks (it can be used for the construction of the bearing walls or as a finishing material);
  • In the seaside areas of Turkey it is allowed to build housing on a foundation of lattice or solid concrete slabs. This foundation will be stable on the clay-sandy soils of the coast;
  • Construction of multi-family or individual housing on the basis of pile foundations is permitted. In this case, the walls on the inside are lined with foam concrete blocks or hollow bricks, covered with polystyrene foam tiles (with reinforcement mesh) on the outside, and the inside is covered with plasterboard, which cover the emulsion paints on water-based;
  • Finished new apartments in Turkey are delivered in the final finishing: with plastic or wooden windows, flooring (marble, ceramic tiles or laminate), interior and exterior doors, plumbing, kitchen, basic and spot lighting, etc. Buying a new apartment in Turkey, you can move in immediately, without the need to make expensive repairs.

All the above mentioned characteristics of the right property are set by the government to provide every foreign homeowner with a reliable and comfortable unit.


Advice of choosing real estate in Mahmutlar

Purchase of real estate abroad always requires deep investigation and a rational mind. To facilitate the process of selecting and eliminate doubts, here is the list of recommendations to contemplate on:

  • Investigate the market beforehand. There is no need to rush even if you have a strong desire to become a homeowner in Mahmutlar immediately. Compare the prices and explore the number of amenities included, then choose the preferred variant.
  • Take into account the goals of purchase and ways of their realization. Often real estate is purchased not only for personal use and residence, but also to rent and then obtain a passive income. It is obvious that purpose greatly influences the choice.
  • Visit the country and see the object in person. The best way to make sure about the correctness of choice is to enter the house before the deal. Look at the finishing, quality of maintenance works, design, amenities, and zoning.
  • Specify the taxes on the object`s maintenance. Its amount depends on the management company. If you are buying a property on the secondary market - talk to the tenants. Often the very low cost of the apartment is due to certain problems in the maintenance of housing.
  • Do not choose the cheapest apartment or villa. Buying a property in Turkey at a real price is one thing. And buying an object at a cost much lower than the market is quite another. The second solution often has pitfalls, which later lead to disappointment in the purchase.


In the end

Mahmutlar in Alanya, Turkey has much to offer to the foreign real estate investors. To monitor the real estate market, visit the website Turk.Estate. The catalog of beneficial real estate is waiting to bring somebody's dream to life.