The Pros And Cons Of Co-Ed Dorms


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After getting into your dream school, another hurdle you must face is looking for nearby accommodation. Since most colleges and universities allow students of all genders, you'll likely find many co-ed dorms and apartments near the campus.

Co-ed housing may be an issue for some people, especially those who've spent most of their academic life in exclusive schools. Even those who've lived in homes with either more girls or more boys might feel uncomfortable sharing accommodations with the opposite sex in university.

Despite some setbacks, there are perks to living in co-ed dorms. Read this article before deciding where to live for the next few years of your college life. It's best to know the good and the bad of living with different genders in a dorm or apartment.


The Pros

1. Socializing With Others

It's a given that you'll encounter people from different cultures and all walks of life upon entering college. But even then, you might stick with grouping with the same sex, possibly due to safety or comfort. This situation could impede you from interacting well with others at school.

Living in a co-ed dorm, such as American Avenue, may help you socialize with the opposite sex better while in a safe environment. You'll meet your dormmates when you pass through the hallways or enter or exit the dorm. You'll also see both male and female students congregating in lounge areas or shared rooms at the end of the day.

So, you'll always have an opportunity to talk to someone of the opposite sex when you live in a co-ed dorm. A simple greeting could lead to longer conversations and maybe a budding friendship or romantic relationship. When you have friends of different genders, you'll also gain a broader worldview and an open mind to how they live in society.


2. Faster Room Assignments

There's a possibility that some single-sex dorms may have limited vacant beds or rooms. As a result, the line on the waitlist for these apartments may be pretty long. Another issue could be the lack of choice when it comes to roommates. You may stay in different rooms even if you and your same-sex friend grab a slot in these dorms.

In co-ed dorms, you could quickly get the room you like. That's leagues better than waiting and hoping you get a place to stay. You may also have more freedom to choose whom you want to room with. However, you're likely to be roommates with the same sex. Though in some dorms, you can have a roommate of the opposite sex.


3. Learning And Understanding Boundaries

Every person has their boundaries. Some don't mind frequent physical contact like hugs, while others prefer to keep their distance in certain situations. Men and women also tend to have different behaviors at home. There's a lot of adjusting when you have a roommate of another sex.

Unlike in single-sex housing, co-ed dorms encourage you to respect your fellow tenants' boundaries further. Most people like to avoid fights and misunderstandings with the opposite sex as much as possible. Living in a co-ed dorm may teach you how other sexes act and react in certain social situations. So you will eventually form new habits to accommodate the needs and boundaries of the people around you.


4. Diversity And Inclusivity

If you're an LGBTQA+ person, finding the right dorm for you might be a problem if you only have single-sex choices. But in a co-ed dorm that allows you to choose your roommates, you could feel safer staying with people you're comfy with. Several co-ed housing options are open to those from the LGBTQA+ community.

Having a safe place to stay that accommodates your gender and sexuality reduces the stress of dorm move-in day. It may also lessen your anxiety when surrounded by roommates and fellow tenants who accept you for who you are.


The Cons

1. Lack Of Privacy

The main reason why some university students might avoid co-ed dorms is the need for more privacy. While most of them let male and female tenants sleep on separate floors or wings, it could still be uncomfortable for some.

Many people prefer to remain private, especially at night when they sleep only in their underwear. Sadly, some people have also experienced assault and harassment from the opposite sex. Being in a co-ed dorm could trigger their trauma and make them distrustful of male or female tenants.

Some students may also subscribe to cultures or religions that are sensitive to interactions between unmarried and unrelated men and women. A co-ed dorm might not be in their cards, which may be an issue if it's the only available accommodation.


2. Hookup Culture

There's no denying that living close to the opposite sex may encourage you to become intimate with some people. While safe and protected sex is no problem, hookup culture could lead to increased cases of sexual harassment and abuse in co-ed dorms. There may also be a higher risk of STDs and unplanned pregnancies when tenants sleep with multiple people in the dorm.

Students in relationships could cheat on their partners by hooking up with fellow tenants. Not everyone does it. But it's still a high possibility in a co-ed dorm. This problem can cause arguments and fights among tenants and couples living in the same residence.


3. Distractions

Being around people of the same age and the opposite sex may distract you from your studies. You'll likely date or socialize more if you stay in a co-ed dorm. While common in any university dorm and campus, parties could also be more rampant.

College-age students can also try new, sometimes harmful things when far from their parents. Living in a co-ed dorm may pressure you into participating in underage drinking or substance abuse. However, note that this isn't always the case but rather a strong possibility.

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4. Communal Bathrooms

A co-ed dorm might only provide communal bathrooms instead of private ones per room. That could be an issue for those who dislike sharing a shower space with people of another sex. Communal bathrooms have a limited number of toilets and shower stalls. So if the room is packed, especially in the mornings, you'll have to wait in line to get inside.

If you share a bathroom with other tenants on your floor, you might have to include additional supplies like a portable shower caddy in your dorm packing list. Shower caddies are mesh bags or plastic baskets where you store your toiletries for easy access. They're handy and instrumental in co-ed dorms with communal bathrooms.



Every type of student accommodation has its pros and cons. Co-ed dorms are no exception. However, they're still excellent places to live if they're close to your school campus.

All in all, your choice of dorm is ultimately up to you. If you're comfortable with your living arrangements and roommates, then it shouldn't be a problem.