Pros and cons of buying an apartment in Florida


Features of buying real estate in the USA

Speaking about Florida, we imagine many popular cities with sparkling skyscrapers and white beaches. However, a small ekovilla or a house surrounded by orange groves is not the most popular purchase. Real estate in Florida, as most buyers understand it, it's still a luxury property on the ocean. The climate of much of the state allows you to vacation here year-round - a huge number of man-made attractions complement the weather advantages of the region.

Real estate in the USA is a reliable approach to saving money and protecting capital from inflation. Nevertheless you should take into consideration that property to buy in Florida is not just a transaction with a seller, but also a series of required procedures, such as appraisal of the property, verifying the authenticity of ownership, etc.


Specialist services when buying real estate in Florida

Foreigners, including the expats from European countries, have a full right to buy a home in Florida. However, you should keep in mind that real estate transactions in the USA for foreigners require the involvement of the following specialists:

    - Real estate agent with an appropriate license;

    - Mortgage broker (in the case of attracting credit);

    - Specialist in Law of Property;

    - Housing inspector;

    - Tax Consultant;

    - Independent appraiser.

The main specialist in this list is the real estate agent. It is important that the specialist is well-versed in all the latest market trends and communicates information promptly to the client. The agent also helps to coordinate the work of other professionals, which simplifies the buying process for the client.

House for sale


Main advantages of buying a home in Florida

One of the main advantages of real estate in the Sunshine State is the constant growth in the cost per square meter, which makes it a good investment tool.

Buyers of apartments in Florida can count on a tourist visa.

If you buy an apartment or house for permanent residence, you can count on a comfortable climate throughout the year, excellent social infrastructure and a pleasant business environment.

Low taxes and cost of products are also important features to consider. The state is known for its low tax burden. The fee is determined by the combined value of excise taxes, income, property, and sales taxes. On average, it takes 5% of total income. Florida has both hypermarkets and farmers' markets. Prices at the hypermarkets are much lower than at the markets. They are certainly inferior in quality, but the 24-hour opening hours attract more consumers than the markets. It costs $800-$1300 to buy groceries for a month.


Disadvantages of buying a home in Florida

Among the disadvantages of buying only the taxes that must be paid even if you are not a citizen of the United States. Nevertheless, today taxes have become a permanent part of life in modern society, so when buying real estate in Florida just keep this cost in mind.


Criteria for choosing an apartment for investment

If the purpose of your purchase is to invest, then you should pay attention to the following criteria:

    - The technical condition of the apartment (whether you need repair, replacement of appliances, etc.);

    - The features of the apartment complex (apartments in buildings with facilities are in greater demand);

    - The condition of the apartment, the view from the window and the balcony (those with a nice view are more valued);

    - Infrastructure near the apartment complex (good if there are stores, schools, medical clinics);

    - Transport accessibility (if there are public transport stops next to the complex, the apartment will have a higher liquidity).


Selecting apartments remotely

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