Practical Ways You Can Grow A Garden Within Your Apartment Unit


Gardening is among the ways that you can keep active especially when you've had restrictions of movement due to the pandemic. It can also help if you have a backyard garden that provides you with your nutritional requirements. If you have the space for it, then you need to have a garden that provides you with the plants you need whether for your kitchen or your home decoration.


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One of the most satisfying things you can embark on is growing a garden. Sometimes, it can be hard, especially when you are living within a small space like in an apartment. If you are in a tight space and wondering how to grow a garden, you are in luck because this article provides you with effective tips to do so. They include the following;


Have You Considered Vertical Gardening

If you are living in an apartment, then the easiest way to own a garden is to grow plants vertically. There are various species of plants that grow upwards. What you need to do before you think of this idea is to conduct extensive research and choose a variety of plants that work well in your particular environment. Most of the plants that grow vertically are fruit-bearing and vegetable plants.

If you plan to grow vegetables like pole beans, cucumbers, or even squash, you will need to support the crops with a rope or use netting to hang the tendrils. Now, and according to, you have options that can greatly help to maximize your backyard food production even when living in an apartment. You want to ensure that your plants are protected from the obvious pests and diseases. This means ensuring that you have the best plant mediums as well as the best places to plant your seedlings.


Container Gardening

When living in an apartment and need to own a garden, the best way to go is to have a container garden where you can plant your fruits or vegetables. The best thing about using containers is that you can grow vegetables or fruits depending on your preferences. You can choose a space on your balcony and hang the containers or have them systematically arranged. The size of the containers you choose will depend on the space you have. Did you know that the driveway can also be used to plant fruits, veggies, and flowers? But all this will also be dependent on the relationship you have with your landlord.

You do not want to mess up such a good relationship by doing things contrary to your host. as it turns out, you can have plant containers in the driveway, on your deck, around the house, or on the front stairs. The most important thing here is for the plants to access the watering system and maximum sun exposure.


Succession Planting

Also known as successive planting, it's one of the ways you can enjoy gardening while staying in an apartment. This is a system that involves planting a variety of plants to help increase yields. By staggering their planting, you can have a variety of crops growing right on your balcony at no added cost. By this, it means that you can squeeze your vegetable garden by pairing up your choice of vegetables in the same pot. The other effective way for a successful succession planting is to identify plants with different maturity rates and have them planted. If you enjoy vegetable gardening, you can choose eggplants, broccoli, tomatoes, among other choices, as they have different maturity rates. This is a great strategy if you are living in an apartment with limited space. There are so many options of plants to consider when it comes to succession planting. all you need are plants that are easy to maintain.

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Windowsill Gardening

Another excellent idea for gardeners while staying in an apartment is windowsill gardening. It is a wonderful way to grow every plant choice, from succulents to herbs, in your apartment. The best thing about this kind of gardening is that you can choose to use it to spruce up any room in your house when living in an apartment. This might range from the bedroom to your living room. It is vital to understand that this kind of gardening requires good maintenance. Occasional pruning is necessary here as it helps reduce overcrowding. You want your plants to grow without having to compete for nutrients, and this is where fertilizers come in handy as they'll help supply your plants with the necessary nutrients.

Gardening has various benefits to both your well-being and the environment around you. Interacting with greenery can significantly improve your mental health and boost your mood for the day. You don't need much space to start gardening. As long as you have the right water, soil, containers, sun, and the right plants, you can enjoy the benefits of gardening in your apartment.