Located at: 314 Main Street, Gambrill Center, Building E-28, Cambridge, MA 02142


MIT Museum presents exhibitions and programs that explore the foundations and frontiers of science and technology. You can learn about robots and artificial intelligence.

Upon entering the museum, visitors are greeted by a diverse range of exhibits that highlight the groundbreaking research and inventions that have emerged from MIT. From robotics and artificial intelligence to nanotechnology and sustainable energy, the museum explores the frontiers of scientific exploration and technological advancements.

One of the museum's prominent attractions is the renowned Hart Nautical Gallery, which displays a fascinating collection of ship models, navigational instruments, and maritime artifacts. These exhibits celebrate MIT's rich history in naval architecture and ocean engineering, showcasing the contributions of MIT researchers to maritime innovation.

MIT Museum in Cambridge Massachusetts

The MIT Museum also celebrates the intersection of art and technology, featuring captivating exhibits that blur the boundaries between creativity and scientific inquiry. Visitors can explore interactive installations, kinetic sculptures, and digital artworks that showcase the beauty and potential of combining artistry and technical expertise.


Free for children under 5.
Free for MIT Community – students, faculty, staff, alum with ID + one guest, and for all Cambridge residents.


Call (617) 253-5927 for more information.


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