Lynn Heritage State Park,
590 Washington St.
Lynn, MA 01901

Founded in 1897 by the the Lynn Historical Society this museum preserves the historical past of Lynn as it has expanded and industrialized over the years. There are hands-on learning and informative lectures held there.

The museum is housed in the former Lynn Armory building, which was constructed in 1882 and served as a training facility for the Massachusetts National Guard. In 1988, the building was purchased by the Lynn Historical Society, which renovated and converted it into the museum. The building's architecture and historic features, such as its drill hall and parade ground, have been preserved and incorporated into the museum's exhibits and programs.

The Lynn Museum's collection includes a wide range of artifacts and documents related to Lynn's history. The museum's shoe collection is particularly notable, featuring thousands of shoes and shoemaking tools that document the city's important role in the shoe industry during the 19th and 20th centuries. Other exhibits showcase Lynn's rich cultural heritage, including its contributions to the arts, music, and literature.

In addition to its exhibits, the Lynn Museum offers a variety of educational programs and events for visitors of all ages. These include guided tours, lectures, workshops, and special events that explore different aspects of Lynn's history and culture. The museum also has a research library and archives that are open to the public by appointment, providing scholars, researchers, and genealogists with access to a wealth of historical documents and resources.

The Lynn Museum is an important cultural institution that plays a vital role in preserving and promoting the history and heritage of Lynn and the North Shore region of Massachusetts. Its exhibits, programs, and collections offer a fascinating glimpse into the city's past and help to connect visitors with the rich and diverse cultural traditions of the area.

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