67 Grove Street
Sandwich, MA 02563


Heritage Museums & Gardens is a museum located in Barnstable, Massachusetts, which features collections of art, automobiles, and horticulture on a 100-acre property. The museum's gardens are its main attraction, and include a world-renowned collection of rhododendrons, a collection of daylilies, a collection of hostas, and various other specialty gardens. The museum also features a collection of antique cars and vintage motorcycles, as well as a collection of American folk art and a working carousel.

In addition to its indoor and outdoor exhibits, Heritage Museums & Gardens also offers various programs and events throughout the year, including horticultural workshops, art classes, and family-friendly activities. The museum is open seasonally from April through October, with limited hours in the off-season.

Overall, Heritage Museums & Gardens is a unique and enjoyable attraction that offers visitors a chance to explore the beauty of nature and the history of American culture in a single location.


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