(former Garden In The Woods - New England Wild Flower Society)


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180 Hemenway Road
Framingham, MA 01701-2699


The Native Plant Trust, located in Framingham, Massachusetts, is an organization dedicated to the preservation and conservation of native plants and their habitats. The Trust's main goal is to protect the biodiversity of New England's native plant species through conservation and restoration efforts, education and research.

The Trust manages several properties, including the Garden in the Woods, a 45-acre botanic garden that is home to one of the largest collections of wildflowers and ferns in the northeastern United States. The garden features more than 1,000 species of native plants, and it is open to the public for tours, workshops, and educational programs.

The Trust also operates the New England Wild Flower Society Conservation Nursery, where they propagate native plants for restoration projects, and the Bicknell Research Center, where they carry out research on the conservation of native plants, and the impact of invasive species.

In addition to their conservation efforts, the Native Plant Trust also offers a variety of educational programs and resources, such as workshops, lectures, and guided tours, to help people learn about the importance of native plants and how to protect and conserve them. They also have an online plant database, and a native plant finder app for people to identify and locate native plants.

Overall, the Native Plant Trust is an important organization that plays a vital role in protecting and preserving the native plants and habitats of New England. Through its conservation, education and research efforts, the trust helps to ensure the survival of these plants for future generations to enjoy.


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