Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party


306 Congress St., Boston MA


At the Boston Tea Party museum you can be part of the famous event that changed the course of American history through live reenactment actors that will take you back in time incorporating the audience as part of show, and interactive activities. From start to finish they have great facts of history.

Stepping aboard the full-scale replicas of the 18th-century sailing vessels Eleanor and Big Beaver, will help you understand how the sailor lived,and you get to throw tea off the ship into the same water where the tea party actually took place over 240 years ago. Huzzah!

The tour will take about an hour.

Taste history by grabbing a tea sampler ticket and taste all the five different teas that were dumped into the harbor back in December 16, 1773.


For more information call (866) 955-0667


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