Most popular communities in Damac Hills for Apartments and Villas


Welcome to a review of Damac Hills apartments and villas! There is no gainsaying that Damac Hills is one of the loveliest places to live in and experience the fun of Dubai as a city. Additionally, some inhabitants have voted apartments in the area as more affordable in comparison to other high-rise communities in Dubai.
You can consider this a review of some of the most popular communities in Damac Hills. The aim is to help you decide rightly when it comes to apartments in Damac Hills, be it villas, studio apartments or 2 to 3 bedrooms.

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First Things First

Decide on what your preferences are. You may want to decide on what kind of properties you prefer, if you need it to be spacious and family size or if a mini apartment is sufficient. Now that you have done that, read on to discover the most famous places to live in Damac Hills.


  • Topanga, DAMAC Hills
  • Experience the lushness of the luxurious high-class apartments and villas at the Topanga community. This quiet neighborhood containing family sized apartments is only a stone throw from the Dubai Sport City, and within close proximity with other major city centers. Dwellers of the Topanga are well catered for, as all domestic and residential needs are available in the structures, or within a few mile walks away. The Jumeirah Gold Club House is however farther from the buildings, but can be shuttled in less than 30minutes. Apartments at the Topanga begin at a starting price of about 1, 200, 000 AED, there are all sizes of apartment that you could wish for, and the environment is children friendly.


  • Pelham, DAMAC Hills
  • The Pelham luxurious community greets visitors with an affluent feel and serenity. Here, the elite feel at home as they enjoy their golf games and also experience premium luxurious facilities available therein. The Pelham community is very exclusive and private, and uniquely designed for the upper class. Of course, such comforts come at a higher price; but you get more value for your money and facilities which are otherwise not available in other common communities. For example, a Spa center, a tennis court, a gym, and a lovely lawn. You should have at least 1, 600, 000 AED to consider a purchase at the Pelham, DAMAC Hills.


  • The Field, DAMAC Hills
  • Some of the apartments at the field are like improved hotels that give you the feeling of a home away from home. They have some vacant apartments which you can design to your taste, but the perk with the Field community is that some of the apartments are fully furnished and ready to move in (of course you will pay for furniture and embellishment along with the payment plan, which is often times very affordable and split into smaller installments). The apartments have an amazing view of the International Golf Club and many facilities for family living, such as access to a community school, and an attached swimming pool. Prices for an apartment at the Field costs a minimum of 1, 200, 000 AED.


  • The Bellavista.
  • This is a trio skyscraper community of luxurious apartments with impressive views and first-class designs. The Bellavista has gathered some good name for itself for its affordability. It has a swimming pool, and all of the amenities you could think off, ranging from a lush lawn, many elevators, and a fitness area. From the Bellavista, one can catch a look of the International Golf Club in Dubai, and it has state of the art finishing on the inside of the apartments/ rooms. A single bedroom apartment costs a minimum of 550, 000 AED to purchase, and there are flexible payment plans for intending purchasers and investors alike. The Bellavista is highly becoming famous among the apartment seeking population of the UAE.


  • The Richmond Community, DAMAC Hills.
  • According to Emirates.Estate the Richmond Community, DAMAC Hills is also one of the most famous neighborhoods to live in or to purchase an apartment/ villa in DAMAC hills. Properties at the Richmond community goes for a minimum of 1, 000, 000 AED. The community is friend.
    Some of the highlights of the DAMAC hills (which makes the area desirable) include the following;

      a. It is the Dubai's liveliest golf community,

      b. It has many freehold apartments available for purchase or lease as the case may be.

      c. Variety of options with bedrooms and facilities

      d. It is highly conducive and worth an investment.

      e. Serene environment and good location.

      f. More so, living in such an apartment is great for sports enthusiasts who can easily meet people with like minds and shared interests.



    Regardless of where you decide to live in DAMAC Hills, the area is impressive, calm, and suitable for family or private living.