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Collaboration, co-branding or you call it synchronization of two identities. News media space is revamped. In the last one-month, we saw a new face of Electronic media. This all started with sting-or it seems stung-operation. First and, it is at as called Sabse tez No.1 channel does it. The whole exercise was a planned way working of And the guy, whose mind reveals this all, is Aniruddha Bahal, remember him, he was a member of Tehelka band. But this time the theme and the presentation was new. The website collaborated with the mass media channel, which is famous for its sensational image, and shows all the tapes in a limited time. This is quite different from the Tehelka blast. Last time they have the tapes and channels, whatever at that time present has limited access to them.

This time the scenario was changed, and the Operation Duryodhan was in vast case, become the entity of Aajtak. The impacts on print media of this profit clearly shown in local editions. A local edition of Dainink Jagran, Gorakhpur, didnít give the website name in its front-page story. But a new era begins. Following the traits of this sting, the Star News collaborate Detective Investigative Guild (DIG) and also do a sting story of commission on MPLADS. But the whole direct benefited is Star, not the DIG. But it creates new co-branding and synchronization or called it INFORMATION CONVERGENCE.

In the 3rd week of December the most sought English News channel CNN-IBN was launched, the hype was because the market was rein by a single dominant channel, the other English news channel has little ad pie. Here also the tags of an International brand CNN works. IBN becomes GBN. The presentation is like CNN in Indian face. Simple and impact full. But the underlining message is collaboration and Co-branding. Since the reform of Foreign Investment started the buzz of stake taking started. Till time many newspapers and channels are in queue to make dollars for different reasons.

Well this time the New Media got new avatars of showing old thing for persuade the viewer. Good luck to Collaboration

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