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Rental cars london

Hiring a car instead of using an owned car is in vogue and due to flexibility of needs and variation in number of travellers one may prefer hiring a car. In a city like london hiring a car is perhaps more popular than it is so in any other city. Its proximity to Europe and roads joining london and France made drivers preferring renting cars.


The facts to be considered in hiring car:


1) Genuine Company: Always go to a renowned company. Search on the internet, ask reliable people and do all what you can do to check the trustworthiness of the renting company. Most of the companies have website so it is advisable to contact them through mail and get some reference number, e-mail id etc.


2) Compare Price: In the metro like london price starts from £16-17 per day and higher. Apart from company's own policy it generally depends on type and size of vehicle demanded.


3) Terms and conditions: Terms and conditions of the most of the car renting companies consider driver's age, additional driver, driving licence, insurance, emergency assistance coverage, payment method, tax rate, fuel policy, mileage etc.


4)Vehicle description: In the vehicle description very important details are give, e.g. number of passengers, space for luggage, air conditioning, diesel or petrol vehicle, automatic or manual transmission, GPS and other equipments provide with vehicle etc. These details should be matched with paper and reality before signing the agreement.


5) Payment method: However when you use debit or credit card you can claim the undefined money going out but still it is wise to give details of card with limited money balance and with insurance.


6) Selecting a model: While selecting a model always consider number of travellers. Enough space for baggage without making the travellers uncomfortable is also very important especially for long journey.


7) Trial drive: Before hiring just have a short trial drive. And if you are to start long journey hire it one day before and do all last minute shopping in the newly hired vehicle.


8) Cancellation policy: Always check the cancellation policy of the renting company and make sure it suits you. Make all the terms very clear and discuss with the manager in detail to eliminate any confusion in future.


9) Off shore offices: If you are planning to release the vehicle in the destination country then get all details of and required documents to be submitted to the company's branch in the other country.


Before you start in a hired vehicle make sure that:


1) You must have vehicle hire voucher. This voucher will be prepared by the renting company and it only reflects the amount you need to pay. The actual amount payable is on approval.


2) You must have a valid driving licence. This is checked when you hire a car that you have a valid driving licence. The vehicle you have selected must be in the range of vehicles you are permitted to drive.


3) You must have visa, Master or other acceptable credit card/s. Apart from this a few coin or parking pass should be kept to use in parking.


4) You must have a valid passport. This is the best and most reliable identity you can avail when demanded legally.


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