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Minivan rentals

Mini van rentals are available for various rates and features. Some companies may charge $110 for the first day with a price break for additional days. Some offer a limited amount of free miles and then a charge starts for overage miles. This is usually $.35 per mile. It is important to schedule a mini van rental as soon as you know a date for use. Some companies have a limited number of mini van rentals available. If given enough time, many companies will locate what you need and have it available for you. Generally, there are as many options available on rental vans as there are on new or used.


Types of mini van rentals


Mini van rentals with lifts can offer the option of a seat lift or a lift for wheelchair occupancy. The seat lift is designed to function the same as a passenger seat. It extends out 20 inches and declines six inches for ease of transfer from a wheelchair to the seat. It is then retracted into the van and it becomes the passenger seat. This makes it easy for individuals with some mobility to enter and exit a van. Individuals using walkers may be prime users of mini van with lift.


Mini van rentals with ramps make mobility possible for thousands of physically challenged individuals. When you combine the accessible van conversion features with a top-of-the-line van, you will have comfort and class wrapped up in one great vehicle. Many people prefer the side entry ramp to the rear entry ramp because of the easy access to the curb. It is sometimes difficult to find a long enough parking space curbside to have adequate room to extend a ramp from the rear entry.


Mini van rentals with wheel chair lifts offer an opportunity for the most physically challenged individual to travel, shop, or go to work. Wheel chair lifts are made in different designs. Platform lifts are very popular due to the strength of the lift and the feasibility for limited budgets. A split-platform lift folds out of the way with just a push of a button.


Options for Minivan Rentals


The great thing about mini van rentals is the option to fly to a vacation destination of choice and have a van waiting for you. If you need one with hand controls and power options, it is important to call ahead. You also need to indicate how many other passengers will be in the mini van and if there are multiple spaces needed for wheelchairs or scooters. Some require the driver to be at least 21 years of age. Other companies have 23 as the minimum. You should verify the age limit if it is possible you are on the fringe. Your insurance must also meet the minimum requirements of the rental company. If you are renting a minivan to see if it is the one for you to buy, some rental companies will apply the rental cost to the purchase of the vehicle if completed within 30 days.


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