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Cell phone rental europe

The cell phone has become an integral part of our active life as essential communications tool. Cell phone has entered every home in the cities and towns all over the world. It is most important tool for business communication as the fastest mode to contact the other side and complete a deal or take an appointment for negotiation or discussion. Cell phone helps owners gain help in emergencies.


A majority of people who are cell phone owners have used these services in an emergency to get valuable help. In a study it is found that people use their cell phones to spend their free time when they are traveling or waiting for someone. While on tour outside the city limit cell phone is the fastest mode to contact the relatives and business partners or associates to inform them about the health or work status. That is the reason everyone likes to possess one cell phone or rent it if does not own.


Europe is densely populated and cell phone network there is very dense and deeply proliferated. People often travel inter-state and the best way to contact each other is through cell phone. About 90% of people in Europe own cell phones. Land lines are fast becoming outdated. The cellular system in Europe is very sound providing a wide and reliable coverage in far and wide areas. Travelers from abroad may not own international cell phone and local coverage unless it is rented in Europe. There are companies in Europe which undertakes providing this rental services. Cellular Abroad offers this rental services along with cell phones rentals in Europe.


Cell phones can be rented by contacting Cellular Abroad and by furnishing the communication details about the person, shipping and departure dates. This rental service of cell phone is a prepaid service that does not require a signing of a contract. Incoming calls are absolutely free. The person who rented the cell phone has to pay for the outgoing calls. The person has to book minimum 30 minutes talk time in block for the trip abroad before moving out for the trip.


The frequent travelers to Europe are advised to book 1 hour of GSM phones that can save money on rental. The frequent travelers to Europe can use this phone again and again whenever he travels to these destinations without changing the number. Talk time rate is the same and that is convenient plan for these travelers. To make it more convenient and easy Cellular Abroad has made the system for making and receiving calls in over 220 countries abroad in Europe and outside as well through new National Geographic Talk Abroad Travel Phone and its low international rates. In this system also incoming alls are free in many destinations.


The package deal on this service is $49 for 1-7 days of trip. $69 for 8-14 days trip, $89 for 15to 28 days trip, $109 for 29 to 42 days trip and $129 for 43 -56 days trip. $29 is charged for recharge voucher for initial talk credit. Cell-to Cell surcharge of $0.25 per minute is levied, Text message incoming is free but outgoing messages is charged on the basis of $0.60 per message. Outgoing base rates are variable depending upon the origin and destination of calls. It is possible to recharge, enquire balance and get voice mail access. The rates are subject to changes.


There are other service organizations that can be contacted for renting cell phones and international services for comparison.


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