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Payday Loans Advance


Payday loan advance:

An easy way to get money to meet all your urgent requirements in between your next payday. They are short-term loans, ranging usually from $100 to $1000.But the amount you receive depends on your monthly income and the restrictions imposed by the state you are in. It is usually given out for period of two weeks or nearly a month. The loans can be taken only one at a time. Three days after paying back your earlier loan amount, you can think about the next borrowal. Most of the advance cash lenders takes an off on weekends or on public holidays. On all other days, you can apply for your cash advance 24 hours a day.

How to receive?

There is not much formalities required for taking an advance loan. Everything can be done online sitting in your houses. Websites such as are very useful ones for beginners, as it gives you all details as how to go about it. For taking loans, you should be 18 years old and need a steady job earning $1000.00 per month. You should also require a bank checking account open for at least three months. Suppose if you do not meet any of these conditions, contact the customer service representatives for more details. Credit checks are not required for qualification. Also, neither any documents nor any faxing is required to obtain this type of loans. You cannot do any cheating here as, Mypaydayloan uses a network to check your bank accounts and also calls your employer to make sure that you are employed before you get approved for your loans. But the fee charged for this kind of loans are usually a percentage of the face value of the check or in other words, a fee charged per amount borrowed. If you happen to extend the loan, you will pay the fees for every extension.

What to do next?

As everything is done online, the loan contract appears on your PC. All you need to do is, signing in electronically to get approved for your advance money. You can receive an advance of up to $1000.But a new customer can initially get only up to a sum of $300. If the customer pays back the loan on his first due day, he can go in for a free payday loans advance with Mypaydayloan.That means, the advance when there are no fees attached or accrued. Remember, at the time of payment, the customer must ask for the entire amount to be cut down from his account in order to pay off their advance money. For instance, if for the first time a customer borrows $300 and the amount to pay back is $375, then, in order to obtain the free payday advance, they must select $375 to be taken from their account. This facilitates the free payday advance coupon to be applied to the loan. The customers who receive a payday loans advance will get complimentary reminder emails sent about a week in advance before the due date. Only when you go online and submit your payment request, the reminder stops. In order to receive your free advance loan, remember to submit your payment request for the loan in full.

Credit checks

Usually, Mypaydayloans do not go in for any credit checks for approving the payday advances. But they make it a point to contact each customer's employment and references. If they find any difficulty in automatically collecting the debit from the customer's account, they contact the respective client. If that is not possible, they will try contacting the customer's place of employment or their references. Suppose if the customer has moved to the company’s collection department, and does not pay, it is sure that their credit will be affected.


Before going for a payday loan, remember that there are other options too.

Going for a small loan from a small loan company, asking an advance on pay from your employer, or a loan from your relatives and friends is always a better option. A cash advance on credits should always be your last option, as it demands a higher interest.

Take time to find out from your creditors, what amount will they charge for paying late -as an additional finance charge, rate of interest etc.

A realistic budget asnd saving habits, which can save you from emergencies, is yet another better option than going in for high interest loans. An over draft protection on your bank account is always useful as it helps you from any credit problems. Remember to contact your local consumer credit counseling service, incase you need any help to figure out a debt repayment plan. In every state you can find non-profit groups that offer services at a very low cost.

By any chance, you happen to use a payday loans advance, borrow only as much amount you are sure to pay back and still have enough to make it for the coming payday.

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