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No Fax Payday Loans for Immediate Money

Each one of us faces emergency which catches us unprepared and we scramble to gather the requisite finances for the same. The old method was of borrowing money from friends or colleagues. But imagine a scenario where that is also not possible as none of your friends have the money you need to borrow for your contingency. In such a case payday loans are a god-sent boon.

Payday loans are loans handed out by banks, financial institutions, or even non-financial institutions, to those that need instant cash. This money that is thus borrowed, has either to be paid for in the next payday, or can be spread out over many paydays. One can call payday loans a speedy-borrowing-of-little cash. When an emergency is at hand, what is most important is to have the money required, as immediately as one can. However, the process of even payday loan lending is slightly complicated and takes its own time.

Usually time is taken for the company that is borrowing money to verify your credit history and other details. This can make the entire process cumbersome and lengthy for someone who needs cash in an urgency. Traditionally, one had to fax in credit history details to the lending company, who would then verify the same and grant you your loan. This would end up taking anywhere from one day to three days, a delay that cannot be appreciated by someone in a hurry.

To meet such needs, no fax payday loans were introduced. 'No fax' is a general term that has got attached to payday loans no faxing that are quick and prompt at checking your background history so that the loan money reaches you as immediately as it possibly can. Since you do not have to fax in your details, the process is speedier.

How then, one has to wonder, do the lending company verify your history. What do you provide to them that assuages their fears and meets the set criteria. This is done by either of the means; easier criteria and online verification.

Easier Criteria: payday loans no faxing are not very high value loans, and usually range anywhere between $100 to $1000. This factor, helps lenders in keeping easier criteria. For example, to many lenders the fact that you have a savings account in itself is a guarantee enough that you can repay the loan of $300 that you have taken from them (since quite a lot of these accounts have a minimum limit). Or let's say you being employed in the armed forces or the government sector is guarantee enough for the lender since the guarantee of you receiving a pay is much more in these sectors.

The criteria for granting loan is thus made simpler and more lenient, leading to a fast turn-around time for the one seeking loan to get the loan money. This is one example of 'No Fax Payday Loan'.

Online Verification: Today a lot of financial institutions share their database with each

other online. E.g. most credit card companies have an online list of defaulters, to which any company can register and verify before they approve of his credit card, or lend money to that person. This database being online, anyone from the world with specialised access to it, can do the verification of a person. This means one cannot be a defaulter in one state, and yet go ahead and borrow money, or get a credit card approved in another state. Such online database of people makes it easier for a payday loan company, to immediately know whether you are a defaulter in any credit institution. If you are, your loan is rejected. If you are not the loan is approved instantly.

Thus 'No Fax Payday Loan' has simplified the process for both the lender and the borrower. In turn, it has sped up the process as well. While fax payday loans used to take anywhere between one to ten days once upon a time, today no fax payday loans are approved in a matter of minutes. This time takes is anywhere between 10 minutes and one day, depending upon the availability of your credit history, and other such criteria that is specified by the lending institution.

Another factor that has made instant payday loan approval possible, is electronic transfer of money. Once a person had to go physically to a counter of a payday lender to get the approval done after giving the required details physically or faxing them. The approved money was then given as cash. This was time consuming and a hassled process since this meant that you had to contend standing in a line in case of a rush, or even coming back empty handed after learning that you do not qualify for that loan. That used to be frustrating.

With technology, convenience in payday loans has increased. Since many of the payday loan firms operate online and 24x7, you can get a loan you require even in the middle of the night. Just log in to the payday loan sites, fill out the forms that you are required to fill, check the factors that you must, like rate of interest and penalty in case of non-repayment, and then submit the form online. The site will immediately tell you whether your loan is approved or rejected.

If your loan is approved, you can have the money immediately, using electronic transfer of money. Your loan amount is transferred immediately into your account electronically and no hard cash is transacted anywhere. What's more, this also makes the repayment process easier, and automated. All that they ask of you is to either give them a check, or give an instruction to you bank, on the date that you have agreed for the repayment, to pay back your loan amount to the account of the lender. Or if you have decided to spread it out over the next few paydays, then to give specific electronic instructions for debit accordingly.

With most of the payday loans no faxing , you don't even have to specify why exactly you need the money for. You can use the money to fix a broken vehicle, get medicines or even to pay a monthly mortgage that you have to so you do not get into the defaulters list. You can do what you want with the money, and all of it sitting right from the comfort of your home, without having to step out a second into the blazing sun. Calling no fax payday loans as the shelter form the sun, would not be too much of an exaggeration.

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