Loans to belligerents

A belligerent is an individual group, country or other entity which acts in an aggressive or hostile manner such as engaging in combat. In times of war, there were some links between belligerent countries and neutral countries and non belligerents. However the applications of the laws of war to neutral countries and the responsibilities of belligerents are not affected by differentiation between neutral countries, neutral powers or non belligerents. A non belligerent may sometimes can be considered as a belligerent if it aids or supports a belligerent in a way proscribed by neutral countries.


There are many important points that has to be considered when loans are given to belligerents and some of their procedures of giving a loan are mentioned below.


Money can be very dangerous when it is used in an illegal manner and this also applies to loans in one or the other way if some negative tactics are used.


The mismanagements of loans have also lead to many wars in the previous days, they are the one nation which is not involved.


It is a very nice to have an international agreement that helps one to cultivate motivation among nations.


Another possibility that may come over here is that the neutral nations may not loan to belligerents.


While such an agreement will definitely prove with more advantage and also if someone rejects this loan then it can also be regarded as a hasten conclusion.


It s they who are responsible for the use of their influence through example, and also as they cant tell what they are going to do until we try, the only way of testing their influence is to set example and observe its effect.


This is the fundamental reason in support of the submission submitted.


It is also important to observe that the loan would e taken by those in sympathy with the country in whose behalf the loan was negotiated.


There are also some other aspects that are very well known which is related to the loans to belligerents which are mentioned below:


* With the breaking out of war in Europe, the question of loans to belligerents become urgent.


* When there is a stage of division of the country into groups, each group in negotiating loans to the belligerent countries is to be sympathized.


Usually the President is the person who has the powers to take decision where in belligerents are considered.


A neutrality can also be described as an international law, legal status of a state that adheres the policy on non engagement of wars.


There are also some rules in the neutrality that are some what related to belligerents


And some of the complicated rules are also based on the neutrality on the two deceptively simple assumptions, namely, that a neutral state, being judge nor party in the conflict, show the impartial in its dealings with the belligerents on both the sides.


These rules apply to relations of belligerents and neutral governments and also there is a lot of difficulties with the relations of the belligerents to private citizens of neural states.


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