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Fha loan refinancing


The fha loan refinancing is one of the best ways in which you can get the best refinance options.The fha loan refinancing helps people in getting lower interest rates on their present mortgage loan. Considerations before taking fha loan refinancing


Before you take the fha loan refinancing there are certain things that you should focus on:

  • The mortgage term: If you are considering to refinance a 15-year mortgage to a 30-year mortgage then your house would be paid off faster
  • Lower interest rate: Taking a fha loan refinancing would help you qualify for a low interest rate than what you are paying at present and this would help you save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Lower monthly payments: When your interest rates are reduced it is obvious that your monthly payments would also be reduced.You can also opt to keep the monthly payments same and pay off the mortgage principle hence getting the mortgage paid off fast.
  • If you are planning: to move from the present house on which you are carrying the mortgage then you can change your remaining mortgage into a 3-year adjustable one.

Getting the best fha loan refinancing: When you apply for a fha loan refinancing then make sure that the loan amount should not exceed the total amount that is assigned for a particular area. You are only allowed to refinance your present mortgage.however,




you can use the fha mortgage to refinance the second mortgage also but it is required that the second mortgage should be at least 12 months old.


fha has been providing the fha loan refinancing option for more than 20 years and has been helping people with fha loans under the regular smooth procedure, which involves no collateral, credit requirement or income verification to get approval.


The fha loan refinancing is available only for people with fha loans. The process is similar to the fha mortgage process excepting any income, asset or employment verification.


For qualifying for the fha loan refinancing the borrower should at least have six months of payment history towards the mortgage and there shouldn't have been any late payments.Borrowers can also take out the fha loan refinancing as cash-out refinancing.Borrowers can opt to convert the adjustable rates into fixed rates or vice versa.


Costs related with fha loan refinancing when opting for fha loan refinancing for primary residence borrowers are required to meet the closing costs.


  • Closing Costs: Borrowers are required to pay closing costs but theses are included in the loan balance and are paid off over the time.
  • Paying upfront closing costs: At tomes the borrower would be required to pay upfront closing costs out of his own pocket. Most of the times this option is the best as it reduces the monthly payments and reduces the total cost of the loan. fha loan refinancing proves to be a beneficial process if you meet the requirements.


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