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To start with, it must be understood that men who don the uniform are akin to other Americans as far as their need for money is concerned. Thus, it is inevitable that men who are part of the US Armed forces can have occasions when they may need immediate cash. It could be a death in the family, a medical expense or other unforeseen expenditure. Payday loan is a small amount loan (usually $100 to $1000). This loan is given only to people who have a regular job and steady job. Payday loans are expected to be repaid by the subsequent payday or spread over a few months.


Because of the peculiar requirement of a steady job, the US armed forces easily fulfill these essential requirements for a pay day loan. Many banking and non-banking financial institutions give payday loans as a crisis loan. These are spread all over the United States.Special military payday loans have a distinct niche and have a lower APR. This can be called as a token of gratitude for these people, who have donned the uniform to serve the nation. A special feature of these military pay day loans is that they carry a low interest. This is also the reason why these loans are in class apart from identical loans given to civilians.


All lenders that offers payday loans gives these loans to military personnel at rate of interest that is lower than given to civilians.These loans are flexible and a soldier has an option of choosing to repay a loan during his next months pay day or roll it forward. Lenders also ensure that the time for approval and requirement for documentations in case of service personnel is kept to the minimum. This requirement flows from two axioms. First, it is recognition of the man who has donned the uniform of the United States armed forces and secondly because of the fact that military personnel have greater stability and permanence of their job compared to other Americans.


Another noteworthy thing about these loans is that there is no discrimination in terms of rank and status of the personnel. In addition, the rate of interest that is specified on any payday loan amount is the same for all personnel whether he is an officer or a recruit. Pay day emergency loans are available not only to those in active service but also to personnel that have retired. In such cases, it is not known as pay day loan but is known as an advance loan. There are corporate companies that offer special payday loans or emergency advances to those that are retired from the military. The rate of interest and other profits that the usual military payday loans have are also appropriate to such retired personnel.The only eligibility criteria for a military payday loan, is that a person should be working for someone even if he has retired from the military.Generally, applications for military payday loans require the applicant to prove his or her military status.


This is done by providing identifications and other personal information when required. After the information is verified the loan is approved. The loan is then disbursed and either given as cash or electronically transferred to the bank account of the borrower. The military personnel usually repay their loans by giving post dated checks. Electronic transfer of money can also do it.However, one aspect that is applicable to all military personnel applying for emergency cash is the requirement of a good credit record. Though the bad credit is not a debar for an emergency loan, the effect will be in the rate of interest. The interest rate will however be comparatively lower for military personnel with a bad credit history visa a visa a civilian with a similar credit history.A fact that is unknown to most Americans is that law covers payday loans. Generally, they come under the preview of the concerned state where the individual resides or works.


In October 2006 the United States Congress enacted a law that capped lending to Military personnel at 36% APR. The defense department is concerned that the soldiers are not exploited- hence this law. Earlier there have been cases when lenders charged exorbitant interest on the plea that it is inevitable as they are disbursing easy and quick loans. The United States Armed forces thus get special attention so that their operational efficiency is not affected and they can concentrate on their job.All the same, it is important for Armed Forces personnel to be aware of the general rules regarding these emergency payday loans. By knowing the cash advance laws ensures that you only pay the fees that youre supposed to.


The Truth in Lending Act enacted in the United States is a landmark piece of legislation. It is also a help for all Military personnel. This act governs the disclosure of APR. Thus no lender can charge huge interest and circumvent this act. Therefore, no lender can short-circuit it. However, the law recognizes that as payday loans are short-term unsecured loans the APR will be high. All said and done payday loans are expensive. But that a hazard that has to accepted as they give easy finance when needed. Payday loan laws help customers get a fair and transparent deal. So being in the Armed forces does have some advantages!


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