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These days most of the people know what the application for a mortgage loan is, because of the fact 9 out of 10 have one. But where did it come from In the past mortgage was just transference of land for free. Both parties which include the seller and buyer used to decide a set rate with no interest, and the seller would sign over the land to the buyer. There were conditions that must be met prior of transferring the property to the buyer, same like today, but this was all based upon the supposition that the land would generate the money to pay back the seller.


In the beginning this arrangement was very uneven and unsafe for the buyer because the seller had supreme powers and they could do whatever they want to which include, refusing payoff, not allowing payment and so on. Later on the courts stepped in and enhanced the rights of buyer which made this arrangement safe for them.


For most of the people, filing a mortgage loan application is one of the huge transactions that will be made in their whole life. Borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars is surely a daunting task and that is why first time home buyers are afraid of it.


In the mid of 2006, a large number of homeowners started defaulting on mortgage loan payments which overwhelmed bank's mortgage investment portfolios. Given that, banks have tightened their policies. Now for a mortgage loan application to be successful, buyers should make sure that they have a good credit history since this would play a major role in their success. Before filing a mortgage loan application, home buyers should make sure that they should not make large purchases at least six months prior to applying for mortgage loan ; this is because buyers have to assure the sellers that they can afford mortgage loan payments.


Buyers should save as much as possible for their down payment, the more money a buyer can invest, the higher the chances of approval are. Home buyers should also make sure that they should not switch their jobs six months before applying for mortgage due to the reason that seller always look for a stable course of employment of the buyer. Consumers should pay off their debts as much as possible as this would lead to a successful application.


Before speaking with a mortgage officer, a buyer should make sure how much he can afford. Real state agents and a person's own desires try to persuade the buyer in buying a more expensive home than he can barely afford. So it is best to be sure that one can afford mortgage loan payments. Buyers should speak with their local banks before start searching. They should look around for the best rates and not for the loud-mouthed lenders. A mortgage officer is always willing to get a buyer approved, but good ones should be honest if the credit, income or budget doesn't pile up.


Once a buyer has found a loan, he will also need to present information about his income, assets and duration of employment in his mortgage loan application. In addition the seller would want to know what other loans the buyer has. The lender would look at the buyer's credit report, bank statements and tax information for his satisfaction. If the credit is good and the lender is convinced, an assessor will be hired to make sure the house is valued at the loan amount which will be given to the buyer.


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