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International Student Loans


There is no denying that students pursuing fulltime education often do not have the comforts of a salaried job. Furthermore the cost of education is also increasing day by day. It is worth mentioning in this regard that under these conditions student loans have come to the rescue of the students to fund their education. Always remember that loans for international students are usually given at a low interest as it is for education. Theoretically speaking Students normally take the student loan for a period and amount depending upon their need. In simple terms, they take the only that amount that they would be able to pay back practically. In addition, Student loans can also supplement scholarships, grants and personal savings.

In an ideal scenario there are broadly four types of student loans depending on their source:

1. Government student loans : It is worth mentioning in this regard that Government student loans are issued by the Department of Education and are granted directly to the students. Fact remains that the loans for international students need to repay the loan with interest when their studies get over. Always remember that they usually have a low interest rate. Moreover, the amount of money a student can borrow is decided by the lender.

2. Parent Student Loans : If experts are to be believed, Parent student loans are issued to the parents of dependent students. In this case the parent has to make the repayments on completion of his/her child's study.

3. Private Student Loans : Theoretically speaking Private Student Loans are issued by private institutions like banks, lenders, etc. As is pretty much the case with the other types of student loans they finance the studies of the student by granting a loan, which is to be repaid on completion of the studies. Point to be noted here is that the rate of interest is higher than the government student loans.

4. Other Loans : In addition other sources of student loans could be something like a home equity loan, which offers tax benefits. As there is no denying that grants and scholarships are far and few student loans have become an increasingly popular method of financing ones studies.

About private student loans:

According to experts, Private student loans have all the features of government loans and potentially can be the best choice for some students. It is worth pointing that they offer higher loan limits with attractive interest rates. In addition they also offer a grace period and students can repay after completion of their studies.

Though the private loans for international students offer lower interest rates, the rates could be a little higher than the government loan rates, but it is much lower than the rates for other private loans. Furthermore, there are no processing fees associated with the student loans.

Always remember that the credit history of the applicant or the co-signer plays a major role in getting a private student loan. It is worth pointing that International students can acquire these private loans with the help of a co-signer. Furthermore the loan amount is paid directly to the school by the lender and the remaining money is given to the student as living expenses.

A word about student loan consolidations:

Unemployed student loan consolidation works more or less like any other loan consolidation. As a matter of fact it combines various loans into a single consolidated loan. It is worth pointing that this takes care of various debts. If experts are to be believed, depending on the total loan amount and availability of security/collateral unemployed student can apply for a secured or an unsecured debt consolidation. Theoretically speaking unsecured debt consolidation can be used for smaller amounts that are below 25,000. On the other hand Secured debt consolidation can be used to borrow larger amounts like 25,000-75,000. In an ideal scenario, repayment time for secured unemployed debt consolidation is normally 10-30 years and the interest rates are also lower than the unsecured debt consolidated loans.

Benefits of Unemployed student loan consolidation:

1. First and foremost, a single monthly payment instead of several payments

2. Secondly, overall monthly payment is less than the sum of the earlier installments.

3. Most importantly no credit check or processing fees.

4. And further the consolidated interest rate is lower than the earlier rate

In addition students can look at electronic debit option to save money and avoid missing payments. It is worth pointing that student Loans are available online so students can shop around and find what is suitable for them.

There is no denying that education is now becoming an increasingly important determinant of your future success, but its costs are also continuously rising. The question now arises: How do you cope: Fact of the matter is you can take out a college loan. In theory, there are several basic and important features of college loans, including interest rates, out-of-pocket fees, approval time, and comprehensiveness.

It is worth mentioning in this regard that college loan interest rates vary, but as a general rule, the rate should not exceed 8.25 percent per annum. In addition the rate should also be fixed so that you dont have to worry about having to pay increasing amounts year after year. Always remember that any loans for international students with a higher interest rate is just not worth it you do take out such a loan, you will find yourself shackled in debt the minute you graduate. As a matter of fact some people even file for bankruptcy because of their college loans, so dont fall prey.

According to experts, Out-of-pocket fees are an important feature of loans for international students . It is worth noting that as a student, your budget is already limited and you can definitely do away with costly application and processing fees. In theory you should not have to pay more than a few dollars in order to get your application moving. Furthermore you should also be entitled to grace periods of about half a year between graduation and repayment, and you should have the option to defer if you re-enroll, without paying too much in processing fees.

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