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In forex books part1 we have taken up a few categories of forex books, the rest are continued in this part.

There are forex books which fall under the category of Japanese candlesticks that describe the candlesticks completely along with the plotting and analysis of these Japanese candlesticks. With the changing times the Japanese candlestick Indicators has become very popular among the forex traders as it has a practical and dynamic approach to the forex market analysis.

These books give information as to how the Japanese candlesticks can be used in different types of markets which may be moving downwards or upwards or may remain stable. The authors provide the forex traders with several examples focusing on the futures, the foreign exchange markets while spanning the equity in different kinds of markets. Forecasting of the market prices while tracking the same, are also explained in the forex books. The concept of convergence when the signals merge at a point of time indicating the turning point of the market from the same place is also detailed out in these forex books. They also include how the Japanese candlesticks can be combined with the age old trading techniques and hedging strategies by step by step instructions for the forex books traders. The employment of the Japanese candlestick in the charts in order to find the shifting signal trends and currency price fluctuations along with the patterns formed by the currency prices with great accuracy in order to get high returns from the forex trading is also explained in these books. Though the Japanese candlesticks involve complex chart patterns but these are very well explained using easy terminology giving

Clear instructions and the proper applications of these in the forex market for the traders benefits. The books under this category also define and explain the major reversal signals involved in forex trading like the hammer, Doji, the hanging man, dark cloud cover and engulfing patterns. Not only this, the traders are also explained how to use the Japanese candlesticks with the other technical and fundamental analysis tools for greater profits.

The books that fall under the forex books system and strategies provide an analytical framework for analyzing and forecasting currency prices. And this all is done with the help of the combination of the long term economic and the forex market based valuation in order to make a more accurate analytical tool for the forex traders to analyze the forex market correctly. These books teach the traders the practical implementation of the theory involved in the forex market. The hedging currency cross rates and the related strategies are also explained to be used becoming successful in the forex market. These books also provide tips to the forex traders to achieve consistent profit from the forex trading. A number of examples are provided for the benefit of the trader using the charts and tables in order to give the clear picture to the forex trader. There are certain books in this category that provide the information of the trading techniques and methods used by the most successful forex traders and the analysts for the forex traders to benefit from them. The well known analysts works like Zweig's Option Activity ratio, Larry William's accumulation-distribution formula, Granville's On-Balance Volume system, Worden's tick system, Edson Gould's speed resistance lines, Martel's short-term supply-demand charting system, and Arms short-term trading index (TRIN). These also explain and give a detail of the most successful programs, indicators, systems and it algorithms like the interpretation of the A/D line, The Haller theory, McClellan Oscillator which works as a short-term indicator and the Haurian index. The trader is also given the knowledge of all the principles that lie behind forex trading system along with the working of the Forex system and also gives information regarding the tools needed to create the computerized systems. These forex books also give knowledge about the best hours, days, months for buying and selling of a currency.

And then there are books which are categorized under the heading chaos and fractal theory that teach the practical application of the chaos theory in the forex market.

The forex trader is taught the technique of anticipating, recognizing and reacting to the different types of markets whether they come to become bullish or bearish. These books involve the physics and psychological findings in the form as they are applied to the forex trading or to the forex market. The trader is made technically sound so that he is able to tackle every kind of market with the practice sessions that are given the books. These also give information regarding the various technologies like, hot innovations like artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms. Along with this the traders are also are detailed about fractals, nonlinear dynamics, case by case analysis of the market and rescales range analysis using chaos theory. The traders get the complete knowledge of risks involved in forex trading along with the volatility of the market which can at any point of time change the direction and the prices of the forex market. Economics and mathematics that lie behind the movement of the market and that is needed by the trader for determining his own assets and selection of new currencies for trading are also told to the forex trader. All the rules that help in the movement of the forex market which also help the trader in forecasting the financial market and making analysis are also found in these books.

The e-books form another category of forex books which are available through internet throughout the world to all the forex traders. These books may be provided free of cost to all or they can be bought online. The online forex books cover all the aspects of the forex market which include giving the information about the forex market, teaching the different trading methods specially online trading, covering the fundamental and technical analysis of the forex market, all that concerned theories and rules which Help the trader to trade successfully and also dictate the movement of the market. The e-books can be downloaded directly or the trader may receive the copy through e-mail by paying certain amount or may be free of cost. These forex books can be available in HTML formats which requires internet browser or as a PDF format that requires adobe acrobat reader for the purpose of viewing.

The forex books provide the trader with complete knowledge about the forex as well as the market related issues and prove a beneficial and easily available medium for forex training.

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