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Awaress in Fake Credit Cards:

At present, science and technology are developed every day. Daily many new inventions are created in banking department. The development in using the credit cards is amazing. In the beginning stage, before getting a credit card, people are keen to get the credit cards and once they get one, they do not it properly. That is, they do not pay importance to protect it properly. One has to follow the instructions given by the banks accurately. You have to be very careful in all the stages till the end.

When you apply for a credit card, you have to provide all the necessary information correctly and there should be no false information, especially about your income. This is very important, because the banks issue credit cards only on the basis of your income. Some people have the tendency to mention more money than what they actually earn, so that their credit limit would be high. You may wonder how it is possible to increase the amount. But it is true. Even the employees of the government do this. In their monthly salary, there would be two columns of salary. The first one is gross salary and the second one is net salary. Though on paper they earn a lot of money, there would be a lot of deductions from the salary and after all the deductions, the remaining salary would be about forty or fifty percent of the salary, which is the net salary. In general, the credit limit would be decided based on your gross salary and of course, they would go through the details of all the deductions and fix the credit limit. Generally, there are two types of deductions. One is official and the other one is unofficial. When you ask for your salary certificate from your office, it is possible to omit all the unofficial deductions from your salary and give the salary certificate with a huge amount. But, the fact would be entirely different. So, you have to avoid all these unwanted methods to obtain your salary certificate. Once you have provided all the needed information to the credit cards issuing banks, it would take some time for them to process your application. You have to wait till the formalities are completed.

Then, they would cross check the information provided to them. There would be physical verification of your residing place and your office. But once they are sure that they information would be correct, they would inform the banks. This is a crucial stage to get the credit cards. The banks have appointed many persons exclusively for this purpose. After these formalities, they would send you a credit card, mentioning about the credit limit. Usually you would be allowed to withdraw forty percent of the credit limit by cash and the rest sixty percent by materials. You would be allowed to buy whatever you wish to buy. There are several business establishments honor your credit card. After sending the card, they would send you the secret pin code number to you to use your card with the Automatic Teller Machines. This is the most delicate one; this should be kept very secretly. As soon as you receive the code number, you have to remember it perfectly and immediately you have to destroy the number paper. At any cost, you should not expose your secret number. Many customers do not give importance to this and they are keeping the secret number paper with them.

In some cases, they just handover their credit cards to their family members to withdraw cash from ATMs, by just telling the secret number to other family members. For everything, there is a purpose behind it. We should not be casual with these delicate and confidential things. We have to be very careful about it. The credit cards should always be kept with you only and you should not give them even to your family members to operate them. As we are seeing many fraud cases with our naked eyes, we should take care of this. Though it is very difficult to create a duplicate credit card with the same information and the secret number, there are persons who can do it. You can not say that it is not possible to do this. Of course, the criminals are more brilliant than the scholars. The security system so far has been satisfactory with the secret code number and at the same time, we can not just ignore these facts also. But, usually they always plan to create duplicate fake credit cards from where they can withdraw a huge amount. You should be aware that many people are watching you when you withdraw money from the banks. You should never think that all the people around you are genuine persons. There may be a criminal minded person also. Though the banks have arranged full security for the secret pin code, we have to do our part perfectly. If you happen to loose your credit card, the first thing you have to do is to inform your bank. You have to give all the details of the theft and the place and time of theft. This would enable them to stop all the transactions with your stolen credit card. The banks are also very generous to reward the persons who find the credit card and handover to the banks. If you find any credit card somewhere, you have to handover it to the bank. If you have any problem of finding that particular bank, you can handover it to the nearest police station. It would be sufficient.

It has become essential for us to provide these things to control fake credit cards. You just think in this way. Even without your credit card, the fraud minded persons create fake credit cards and misuse them. Unless we are careful with our credit cards, it would not be possible for the authorities to control these fake credit cards. Recently, the police have arrested some criminals who were doing this. It is our duty to maintain the secrets of the credit cards.

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