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What is Creditors Interchange:

Let us first discuss what is a Creditors Interchange. It is basically a provider of the receivable management services in the United States. In the present times, no doubt, it is one of the largest providers of such services. It is very important to note here that timely collection of receivables is very important in any business as it maintains the liquidity in the business operations. When the receivables dry away in the business due to any reason, it leads to the bankruptcy further.

Thus, the receivable management is very important for any business activity and it is better that professional agency like the Creditors Interchange is hired for efficiently managing the business. The Creditors Interchange was established in the year 1960 as a collection agency for the physicians of the area. By virtue of its continuous growth, the Creditors Interchange is now providing services to the various sectors of the economy like the credit card users, banks, universities, various auto lenders etc. Thus, it is a multi level provided in the present times that provide services for all types of receivable accounts. The agency strong believes in the fact that the business is about maintaining the relationships and the client satisfaction is the key to that relationship. All this has been possible for the Creditors Interchange just because of the experienced and dedicated staff, and the use of right technology.


Offices of Creditors Interchange:

The corporate headquarter of the Creditors Interchange is located strategically adjacent to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Apart from this, there are many other offices across the United States and Canada. Its various are located at:

Bankruptcy and Probate Office: This office is situated at 1137, Old York Road, Abington PA 19001.

Buffalo call center: A person can contact this office at 699, Hertel Avenue Suite 190 Buffalo NY 14207.

Canadian and West Coast Business Development center: This office is located at 224 Robertson Street V8S3X5 Victoria BC Canada.

Cheektowaga Call center: This office is located at 80 Holtz Drive Buffalo NY 14225. The contact number of the office is 716-614-7500.

Cleveland Call Center: A person can easily contact this office at 23355 Mercantile Road Suite 9000A, Beachwood OH 44122.

So, the agency has its offices at many places in the U.S and Canada too.


Profile and Services of Creditors Interchange:

As far as the profile of the Creditors Interchange is concerned, it is leader in the receivable management. It has gained its experience while working with the Fortune financial institutions throughout the North America in order to increase the recovery of the concerned institution. Owing to the vast experience the agency has in receivable management, it is helping its various customers to stay above the average liquidation curve.

It has deployed the efficient computerized data systems at its headquarters, various administrative offices and at the various calls centers. This has helped the agency to give the perfect solutions to its various customers. The main attributions of the agency are that it is a privately owned company, a member of the American Collectors Association, drug and alcohol free workplace, and is fully licensed and bonded. Apart from this, the agency has national account coverage, a national attorney network, customized collection centers and the online skip tracing services. The agency also ensures high client data integrity.

As far as the services that are being provided by the agency are concerned, it is providing the various services to its customers across the nation. The various services are given below:

The first one is the creditors interchanges services that are being provided by the agency. This aim of providing this service is to reduce the overall delinquency of the customer and to reduce its gross charge off.

Pre charge off recovery service is the other service that is being provided by the agency. This type of service is being rendered to reduce the next charge off of the customer via quick out of cash recoveries of the customer and the cash flows for a longer term from its payment agreement program. There are many collection divisions of the agency for each of the type of collection services. This is meant basically for the proper attention to the different requirements of its client and assuring highest net returns to them.

The other service that is being provided by the Creditors Interchange is the Skip Tracing Service. This service is aimed to locate the various debtors of the customers and to perform the asset location exercise too. This is made possible by the use of most updated software and systems.

For giving stability and boost to its various activities, the agency has an attorney network too. There are more than 100 attorneys whose services are being utilized by the agency throughout the nation.

Computer support services is the another service that is being provided by the agency. This service offers its client the access to their accounts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The services being provided are completely secured by means of passwords. There are many types of reports that can be seen by its various clients using this service.

To provide its customers the best of services, the agency has the client service department. It is entrusted with the role of giving services before as well as after the collection of the receivables of its customers.

Creditors Interchange also arranges many training seminars for providing the latest information about the federal regulations and the collection strategies of the agency.

The bankruptcy and the probate services are the other service that is being given by the agency to its various clients. This service was introduced by Ray Bell, who is known for his insight and the vast knowledge about the various legal remedy collections and probate.

The agency also provides arbitration and litigation services to its clients. For providing this service, it has partnered with Mann Bracken, which is the leading advocacy law firm. This service is provided with a view to help its partners in the cases of arbitration and litigation.

Apart from the above, the agency also provides its customers full bankruptcy services that include the in house training for the filing of bankruptcy applications and handling the bankruptcy recoveries.


So, There are lof of Services that are Offered:

After reading the above article, it can be rightly said that Creditors Interchange is providing a lot of services to its customers. Professional approach and dedication has helped this agency to become one of the largest providers of the receivable management in the nation. Apart from the managing the receivables, the agency is also providing various services in the area of bankruptcy.

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