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Are you in a fix as to what to do about getting a home loan or about getting a home improvement loan? Donít know form where to start and what to do? Try getting help from Lending Partners.

American Lending Partner was founded in 1999 to offer their eminent services to homeowners to get a loan in an easy way. For over seven years they have served people and have more than 500,000 homeowners to add to their esteemed list of customers. It was by the former officials of The Money Store and FIRSTPLUS Financial. They specialize in understanding the needs of the customer and benefit him accordingly. Their services are very prompt and you just have to register once with them. They get back to you after matching your requirements with their lending partners, which range from national level to local companies.

Their lending partners get in touch with you directly so that you can easily compare their offers and prices and decide on the best deal. All the partners are licensed by the state Banking Departments and/or other Regulatory Authorities as per the requirement of the state.

Their services are free of cost to all the homeowners irrespective of their credit status. They themselves are not lenders but help you in getting a loan as per your requirements.

How does it Work?

American Lending Partner realize the importance of your money and keep all your privacy information intact. They are steadfast in keeping all your personal information precise and secure. The personal information includes any information that exclusively identifies you, including your name, address, and phone number. They have a physical, electronic and procedural safeguard that are in accordance with the federal laws to protect the customers personal information.

After you complete filling their online application they match your criteriaís through a software system with that of the participating lenders. The standards of the lenderís include the state of residence, type of loan that you are seeking, the amount that has been applied for, and the self-stated information, among others.

The personal data is then forwarded to the four American Lending Partner so that they can process your request. This company does not require any third party information such as credit reports, appraisals, title reports, there are certain instances but of course rare that Americaís Lending Partners would not be able to match to your requirements. In such situations they will humbly explain you your situation and the reason why they canít be of help.

After your application has matched with the lenderís criteria then the lender contacts you maybe within three to five working days. They would converse about your loan application and the options that they can offer. The work of Americaís Lending Partners ends here. After the lender has contacted you the company has no say in what offers and discussions are going on between you and the lender.

Services Offered

Americaís Lending Partners do not give out loans but they just help you to get in touch with lenderís who are ready to offer loans.

They offer services in the fields of:

Home Refinance Loans: Lending Partners can get you in touch with lenderís who are ready to give you home refinance loans so that you can get rid of your home loans faster and stop paying the high interests on it. You can start on your savings and forget about the heavy interest that you were paying.

Debt Consolidation Loans: if you are under the burden of debt and are sick of the calls from the creditors you can enroll with Lending Partners for their help in getting a debt consolidation loan. By this you can lower your interests and reduce your monthly payments. The lenderís would negotiate with your creditors and ask them to reduce your rate of interest so that whatever you pay goes toward the principal amount.

Cash Out: you can get cash out payment for refinancing or getting an equity loan. While mortgage rate are low in the market you can avail this service and get a nice deal so that you can save on some money also.

Home Improvement Loans: you are tired of the same old look and the pipes are leaking. There is lot of damage that needs to be repaired and you want to renovate your house but donít know from where to arrange the money. Lending Partners will solve your problem by getting you in touch with the top most recognized lenders.

Home Equity Loans: you have been paying loads of money toward your home loan and its equity and donít have any savings. You can easily qualify for a home equity loan by registering with Lending Partners and get rid of the burden.

Second Mortgage: getting cash by applying for a home equity loan or a second mortgage is a common practice. By enrolling with Lending Partners you can get rid of the heavy home equity loan and help you save on your cash.

Home Purchase: whether it is the first time you are buying a house or the second time Lending Partners will help you find out the most suitable loan for your needs.

American Lending Partner is one such organization that would help you out in you bad times and help you save loads of money too.

When you have someone out there to help you out with your problems why are you hitting on ideas. Just log on and fill in the form and in just 10 days time you will be entitled for a loan. Donít wait hit the Internet and get the money for your dreams.

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