Interior doors for all occasions in one store


When you enter a house, apartment or office, we immediately pay attention to the doors: the interior door is like the frame of the room, its final point. If you are renovating your living or working space, pay particular attention to this detail. A properly chosen interior door can complement the overall concept of space, to make it more harmonious and comfortable.


Bedroom with a door open


What are interior doors can be like

Before you buy doors, you should know what they are. There are different classifications of interior doors. If we consider them in terms of construction, we distinguish:

  • paneled with inserts of plywood, board or glass;
  • panel doors in the form of a frame, on which the sheets are attached;
  • milled with patterns cut out on the whole cloth;
  • veneered.

Another classification divides door leaves based on their material:

  • made of solid wood - pine, oak, alder, ash, walnut, beech;
  • made of glass - ordinary, glued, "triplex";
  • made of plastic - MDF sheet coated with PVC film;
  • combined models.


a vairty of interior doors


Designs are also divided into types according to their appearance and functionality: non-standard shapes and sizes, invisible doors, arched.

According to the method of opening are distinguished:

  • hinged - one-leaf and two-leaf;
  • sliding;
  • folding ("accordion");
  • rotary-sliding;
  • swing.

For decoration doors are used PVC coating, lamination, eco veneer, acrylate, varnish, painting, glass, mirror inserts and stained glass, as well as photo prints.

According to the style, interior doors can be modern, classical, as well as made in loft, Provence, country, Scandi or Oriental style. And only you decide which kind is perfect for your interior.

How to choose interior doors for your home or office

To quickly choose the right interior door model, you should consider a number of recommendations:

  • Decide on the style and appearance of the product;
  • accurately calculate the dimensions of the leaf and frame;
  • Pay attention to the quality;
  • Check the availability of certification and warranty.

It is not superfluous to arrange for the delivery and installation of doors by professional craftsmen. Only in this case you will be able to use the warranty card.

Where to buy interior doors

There are tens of thousands of models of interior doors. And to choose your option, you need to go to the website Here you can quickly place an order for the required number of door panels, choose accessories for them, make a payment, arrange for installation with a consulting manager and wait for delivery to the specified address.