How To Have A Great Housewarming Party In Your New Home


Welcome to your fabulous new home! Now that all of the stress of moving is over, you can finally get to enjoy your new home. The start of experiencing this is in throwing a housewarming party. What's a new home, after all, if you don't share this joy with your family and friends?

A housewarming party refers to that lunch or dinner that you host in your new home. Your guest list will typically include friends, family, workmates, and even a few of your new neighbors. While you may be thinking that it's a stressful thing to do, when now all you want to do is to relax, there are many ways that you can host a stress-free but fun housewarming party.

If this speaks to you, read through, and learn more below. Here you'll get the best insights on how to have a great housewarming party.

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Why Should You Host A Housewarming Party?

Perhaps now you're thinking, is a housewarming party that important? After spending so much on the move, having a party is just the last thing on your mind. It could also be that you're just not interested in hosting a party right now when there are still many things you need to finish up and settle in your home.

All these considered, there are still good reasons for you to throw one, however. Plus, you also don't necessarily have to break the bank just to have one. All the efforts of hosting a housewarming party are still going to prove to be worth it, for the following reasons:

  • It's an excellent way to inform friends and family of your new address. Moving to a new home is always an exciting time in your life. Why not share that excitement also with your family and friends? Plus, sending all these invites in one go is like mass informing all your friends and family of your new address. This saves you all the hassle of doing it individually later on.
  • It motivates you to unpack and turn your house into a home. Whether you live in a small, rented apartment or a big house, it'll always turn into a home, depending on how you make it be. As exciting as moving maybe, truth be told, it can also be very stressful and physically overwhelming. In most instances, you may even rest a little as you feel tired of opening up and unpacking all the boxes.
  • When you host a housewarming party, you're giving yourself that incentive or motivation to unpack. Delaying it for later doesn't do you any good, as you'll eventually have to get it over with anyway. When you finish it now, you can move on with actually starting your brand new life in your home.

  • It's an excellent chance to get to know your neighbors. No man is an island, and one way or another, you're going to have to get to know your neighbors. That way, you'll also have that overall sense of community. Then, in case of any emergency, the neighbors are always one of the very first people that can help you before 911 arrives.

    Throwing a housewarming party is an excellent way to get to know your neighbors if you choose to invite them.


Pointers On How To Host A Great Housewarming Party

Now that you're aware of the details of what a housewarming party is, it's time also to go to the most awaited part of this article: how to host a great and memorable housewarming party:


1. Send Out Invitations

In this day and age of technological advancements, it can be very easy to neglect the importance and the need for invitations. It's often said to be the easier route to simply send a message through text messaging or through your social media accounts. Wrong! Don't fall into this kind of trap.

Today, invitations are just as relevant as ever, and it's still always a good idea to send out invitations.

With this, if you want to save a little on costs, that's when you can utilize technology to your advantage. When you don't necessarily want or have the budget to go for printed invitations, you can choose instead to send online housewarming invites. Either way, always have one when you're planning to host a housewarming party in your new home.

Here are great reasons why you should send out invitations to your housewarming party:

  • It makes your first big event in your new home more memorable. Whether you're hosting a big party for a hundred guests, or an intimate one, there's no denying the fact that a housewarming party is, in fact, a big event. Among all the other parties that you'll be hosting in your home, this is the very first.

    Plus, it also marks the beginning of a new and exciting time ahead in your new home. There are so many reasons, therefore, to make it feel like a memorable event. When there's an invitation, the event is more remarkable. You can frame up the invitation, or print one and frame it (if you opt for digital invites), to remember that momentous occasion of your life.

  • It's still the best way to inform your guests of all the details of the event. When you send a text or a message, you can expect to have so many replies coming after, as there may be unclear details. Perhaps even the location of your new home is also foreign to some of your guests. It is a new address, after all. When you have an invitation, all of the details of your party are there. You don't have to worry about missing out on any important fact.
  • It prevents your party from being a last-minute thought. Truth be told, it can be tough to remember events or parties that are simply informed through text messaging. When people go about with their daily lives, your party will continue to fall more behind their memory. Chances are, you're risking more guests forgetting about the existence of your housewarming party.

    But, if you send invitations, it's easier for your guests to remember your event. There's also that higher chance that your guests are going to note down the event and record it in their schedules. Hence, your housewarming party will never be a last-minute thought to your guests.

Now that you're aware of the advantages of sending out invitations, when do you send one? Timing is key, and the same principle also applies to invites.

The general rule to follow is to send the invitations at least three weeks before the date of the party itself. This gives so much more leeway for your guests to block it in their calendars, and also to prepare for a housewarming present, should they decide to send one. Then, to prevent your party from being forgotten, also send out a reminder at least a week before your party.


2. Figure Out Your Working Budget

You don't have to pressure yourself with going all out and burning a hole in your pocket. You can still throw a successful housewarming party, even with a limited budget. So, as you get on with your planning, do figure out your working budget as well.

That way, you'll also know how much you can allocate for decors if needed and food. Now's not the time for you also to pay so much in credit just to have a housewarming party. You'll want to start a new life in your house debt-free then be laden with debt over and over again.


3. Set Up A Bar

If your house has a bar area, why not use it! It's also a good time to slowly stock up on liquor, especially if you love to have this from time-to-time. Why not opt for setting up a bar during your housewarming party. But this is best done if your party is at night. That way, your guests can feel more relaxed as the night goes on.

That said, here are good reasons why you should add a bar to your housewarming party:

  • It creates more vibrancy and excitement to your party
  • It keeps the party moving
  • It will also break the ice and keep the conversation going


4. Set A Reasonable Date

In planning for your housewarming party, don't feel too pressured about hosting it as soon as you arrive in your new house. You're going to want to take it a little bit easy, and give it some time.

More so, it can just be stressful to have people coming over, bumping into boxes, and even more boxes. Where are those extra plates when an additional guest suddenly arrives? You're only going to be more stressed out.

To ensure that your housewarming party is going to run as smoothly as you imagined it to be, you're going to want to work around the parameters that you're already familiar with. By this, it means that you know how to use your kitchen, you've figured out storage space, and you're most likely done with all the packing.


5. Don't Be Afraid To Use Paper Products

Don't have the energy just now to wash all of your plates over and over again? Don't be afraid to use paper products. If you want your party to ace a little on the creativity factor, you can even buy colorful or themed paper plates. There are so many of these in supermarkets or party supplies stores.

While this isn't exactly the most eco-friendly thing to do, sometimes, you've just to adjust a little bit to reality. You wouldn't be Mrs. Grumpy, stressing out in the middle of the party about plates, platters, and other cutlery to wash.


6. Limit Your Guest List

There are advantages that you, as the host, can gain from limiting the guest list. First off, it's easier for you to give attention to all of the guests that you've invited. By this fact alone, you're making the party feel more great and warm. None of your guests feel left out, and you're able to keep the conversation going effortlessly.

Then, you've also got to consider the current capacity of your home. How much sitting space do you have in your home? You'll want your guests to feel like they can move freely around the house, rather than consistently be hitting shoulders with other people. If you’ve also planned games, it’ll be easier to enjoy these when you don’t have to worry about the space.

Lastly, the lesser guests you have, the more you can splurge on your food and drinks. A party is never great or "complete" without good food to munch on for the entire night. The last thing that you'll want is to have some guests feeling that they're short on food, and now you've got nothing else to refill in platters.


7. Shape Up Your Living Room

Of all the areas in your room, it's usually in the living room where guests are going to huddle and gather around. Hence, if you're running short on time and you can only focus on re-cleaning and decorating one area, give that attention to your living room.

Get it in order, as this will most likely be the primary party sport of your home. Unpack your boxes with things that belong to your living room as soon as possible and get decorating.

When your living room is well done, your guests will also feel like they're in an inviting home. Throughout the entire housewarming party, you'll have guests feeling comfortable being in your home.


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You've successfully settled in your new home. You've finished unpacking. Now you're getting the feel of what it's like to live in your house. Before hosting any other party in your home, one of the very first that you should host is a housewarming party. Whether you're going for a big or intimate one, a casual or fancy dinner, there are many ways for you to go about with hosting a housewarming party. These tips will get you started. Apply these tips, and you're going to be the master of your very own housewarming party.