How to Sell Your Home in Orlando


Selling a home anywhere is a tedious process. All the legal formalities and processes get on your nerves, especially if you don't have previous experience selling a house. It takes months of planning and preparation to sell a house and make a transaction. In this article, we will talk about all the basic steps for selling a house in Orlando, Florida. If you have assets in that state to sell, this article will be a relief for you. We have listed a few steps you should consider before selling a house in Orlando.


7 Basic Steps to Sell a House in Orlando

1. Find an Experienced Real Estate Agent in Orlando

The first and foremost step of selling a house is finding a trustworthy yet experienced real estate agent who works in Orlando. They will have clear ideas of the real estate market there and can guide you through the entire process. Before you choose a real estate agent in Florida, make sure you consider these things:

His expertise: Let's be real; you won't want an agent with little to no experience and skills in selling houses. Hire an agent who has knowledge and expertise selling houses in Florida and is comfortable with the type of house/ asset you wish to sell. Also, get to know how many houses he sold successfully in Florida until now.

His commitments: The agent should be committed to getting your house sold. Additionally, you must ensure he will be there for your needs at all times when you have any issue relating to the property.

His past bond with clients: Did the agent have successful deals and contracts with his past clients? Does he have any negative or bad reviews of behavior? Check whether the agent will have a friendly relationship with you by understanding your problems and concerns.

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2. Prepare the Home for Selling

After picking a real estate agent to sell your home in Florida, it is time to furnish and repair your house. The agent will find the faults and damages in the house and ask you to repair it. So, it's better if you do everything beforehand. To instantly make your house look appealing to the buyer, you can invest in basic things like polishing the doorknobs, painting the interior and exterior walls, cleaning carpets, etc.

Moreover, you can also do some extras to attract potential buyers, like putting up wall decorations, potted plants, and decorating your garden/ backyard. Nonetheless, before showing your well-decorated house to buyers, make sure you consult the agent to know whether the presentation matches the taste of Orlando people.

We have some real estate tips that might help you throughout the home selling process.


3. Set the Pricing of the Home

Bear in mind; you can never set a fixed price for your home. To price a house, you need to consider a few major factors like the prices set by your competitors in that area. Ask your agent to report the houses similar to yours sold in Orlando in the past few years. From that, you can have an idea about the average prices of the house. Moreover, you also have to look out for any competitors nearby. Either try to make your house unique from theirs or defeat them with your pricing.


4. Do Advertising the Right Way

The best way to sell your home quickly is by advertising it to the target customers. After setting the price, hand over the advertising part to your agent. An expert agent will know the right way of advertising the property and find ways to sell it. If any buyer wishes to see the house, let them see it even if you think they don't intend to buy it. Or you can make a deal with a trustworthy buyer like SP Homes LLC. They claim, 'We Buy Houses in Orlando' with three simple steps.


5. Make a Deal after Negotiating with the Buyer

After finding a buyer who wants to purchase your Orlando house, it is time to make deals and agreements. Of course, it is not a one-step process. The buyer will send you a written letter of his offer, like the amount he wants to pay, buying date, initial deposit, etc. It is not necessary to agree with every term of their offer; you can negotiate them.

It will be better if you can keep a written document of every verbal communication between you and your buyer. It is just for the sake of clarity if any issue arises in the future.


6. Understand The Agreement before signing

Once you and the buyer have agreed to each other's offers, here comes the main part, which is signing papers. Before singing, read the paper thoroughly to know any terms and conditions. Even if you have sold your properties in other states, Orlando's terms could differ. Your realtor will give you and the buyer a schedule to keep up with every stage while closing the house selling contract.


7. Pay the realtor and get Done!

On a given date, you, your agent, and the buyer will sit in on a meeting to clear the payment and sign the agreement papers. It's time for you to bid your house goodbye and hand over the house key to the new owner. You will receive a check. Otherwise, the remaining payment will go directly into your bank account. Don't forget to clear your payments with your realtor, who has helped you immensely throughout the process.


Final Thoughts

Congrats! Your Orlando home is now ready for selling, as you now know the basic process of selling it. The best thing you can do to sell the house is to take the time and effort to find a reliable and expert real estate agent for yourself. He will take away half of your headache of selling the home! Also, selling a house is a long process; be patient throughout. So, all the best for your first sale!