A Guide To Safely Getting Tattoos During The Pandemic


Person getting a tattoo on his arm


The Urge To Get Your Tattoo Must Have Grown Profound In The Months Of Quarantine

If you were planning to get a tattoo but your plans were disrupted due to the unexpected pandemic followed by the quarantine then you would be all the more excited to get it done now. Plus the time spent thinking which design would best reflect your personality might have got you the perfect tattoo in mind.

Whether you chose a dainty flower or a Chinese dragon tattoo, your main cause of worry is how to get a tattoo done safely during this pandemic. In many countries, tattoo parlors are now allowed to be open but with some new set of standards. Below is a guide on how you can get a tattoo safely.


Get Pre-Booking Done

Gone are the times when you could just walk into the tattoo studio and demand for your design to be etched on your skin. Depending on the size of the studio, a limited number of people are allowed inside so that social distancing measures can be followed. However, tattoo artists have been quick to mend this gap. Many tattoo shops in Fayetteville NC are now providing easy online or on-call booking systems wherein you can easily book yourself in for an appointment at your convenient time. You can be assured that at the time of your tattoo, you will not be in an overcrowded room full of people. Thereby you will be able to get your tattoo done with safe distancing measures.


At The Studio

When you are at the studio you will need to follow some safety measures. This will include getting your temperature taken with a no-contact thermometer and then using the hand sanitizer. Both the measures are mandatory in almost all types of public businesses. If your temperature is higher than normal, your appointment may get rescheduled until further notice. This is another precautionary measure taken against Covid-19. You may then be asked to fill in a digital form to understand your requirements.


During the Tattoo

Though it may be uncomfortable, you will still need to keep your face mask on during the tattooing session. This is the same for the artist as they too will need to keep the mask on at all times. To lessen the discomfort, you can choose soft cotton fabric face masks that allow you to breathe more easily. You might even be able to hide all the painful facial expressions from the artist with the mask on. The number of people allowed inside a certain size of premises is predetermined by the law. So make sure to inform them in advance if you want to take a friend along with you for emotional support.

The after-care process of the tattoo remains pretty much the same. Treat the tattoo with care and keep the area clean. As your allergies will be asked prior to the tattoo process, in case you still feel a lot of discomfort, speak to your tattoo artist. With years of professional experience, they will be able to guide you easily through any problems you may face.

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