7 Homeowner Tips To Make The Most Of A Property Sale


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Selling a home takes more than putting up a "For sale" sign on your yard. But it entails careful planning to come up with a fair value. Not to mention that you have to perform minor changes to make the most money out of your property.

A home valuation is often influenced by market performance and the current prices of similar properties. But a homeowner can make a home's selling price better after these simple changes:


1. Find Out Your Property's Market Value

With websites that make the home selling process easier, you may think you can easily sell your house on your own. These platforms often have a calculator to determine the property value based on key pieces of information you're going to supply.

Unfortunately, most sites offer less accurate appraisals. Hence, your best choice is a real estate professional who's more updated with the local market movements in your locale. Price your property high and it might rot on the market. Place a lower price tag and you'll get shortchanged.


2. Consider Cash Buyers For Your Property

The entire property selling process may be too complex, especially for first-timers. From listing your property, screening buyers, staging viewings, keeping records, and negotiating with home shoppers-home selling isn't for the faint of hearts. If you want to skip all the hassle of doing the things mentioned earlier, seek home cash buyers, like Safe Home Offer.

Home-buying companies check the property, offer a valuation, and, if things go well, pay in cash as soon as possible. The entire process takes an average of two weeks. So, if you're in a rush to sell your property for personal or financial reasons, a cash buyer should be your go-to.


3. Declutter

Many homeowners might not see the importance of having a neat and well-kept property. But in reality, having a clutter-free home can make your space look bigger and airier. That said, a clean property can positively influence a potential buyer. Also, in some cases, a clean home may even help your home sell faster.

If you have too much stuff to clear out, consider hiring professional cleaners to do the job for you. Also, consider renting a small storage space for bulky items, if you haven't found a new place yet.


4. List Your Home In April

Research has found out that the timing of your home selling activity may influence the time it takes to get sold on the market. A study shows that the best time to list a home is during spring or around April.

Moreover, the said study discovered that properties listed during the period generally sold faster and at relatively higher costs. Homes sold during this period had 14% higher views and snagged up to 6% higher prices. These properties were also sold six days less.

Most homeowners are inclined to list in June after the academic year is over, making the transfer less complicated. By listing the property earlier than June, the market is less saturated while the demand remains considerably high.

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5. Make Quick Fixes

Minor fixes can help make your home look better. It'll also make your potential buyer less tempted to ask for a lower price. Re-caulking your windows, replacing door screens, or applying a fresh coat of paint can all help make your property look better.

These minor changes don't require too much effort, time, and cost. You can even do them yourself. You'd want to have small things fixed as any part of your home that needs repair will be listed down by the home inspector and be used to negotiate for a lower selling price.


6. Improve Your Property's Curb Appeal

Since it's the first thing that buyers notice even before they set foot inside your home, your property's curb appeal should never be disregarded. An appealing front yard can also help attract more interested buyers, making it the pull you need to get your home noticed.

So, before listing your property, prune the trees, replace lighting, and make your garden more inviting. Repainting your front door and sprucing up your patio can work wonders, too.


7. Take Nice Photos And Craft A Compelling Description

One of the ways to attract more buyers is to snap high-resolution photos of your property and write a great description of your home. If there's something that makes it unique, say, if you've done a major kitchen or bathroom rehab, play it up to your advantage.

Check out real estate sites where you can get inspiration from. Just don't make the mistake of masking your property's deficiencies as you might lose instead of gain interested buyers. Be open for virtual viewings, too.


Final Thoughts

Selling a home can be stressful and complex. Fortunately, with the help of the tips mentioned above, you may reduce the stress associated with the entire home selling process.