How to Maintain Your Home's Air Conditioner


A/C, air conditioning units outside a building


Your AC unit plays a critical role in ensuring quality and comfortable indoor home experience. This is especially true if you live in colder or hotter climates where the outdoors are always unforgiving.

For an enjoyable indoor stay, all day and night long, you always want to keep your AC unit in the best shape. Getting rid of indoor air pollutants and maintaining indoor air quality should be your topmost priority. Here are the four ways you can maintain your home's air conditioning unit.


1. Routinely Clean or Replace Air Filters

Some air filters are reusable, while others should be replaced after a certain period. Dirty and clogged air filters significantly reduce the amount of airflow and may also lower the unit's overall efficiency.

If the filters are left for too long, the airflow becomes obstructed, causing the air to bypass the filters. This can lead to dirt deposits in the evaporator coil, affecting the coil's heat-absorption capacity

By replacing your clogged, dirty and inefficient filter with a clean one, you can lower the AC's energy consumption by up to 15%. Some pleated models, such as the 20X25X1 air filter, are more efficient than their fiberglass counterparts. They also last up to three months before requiring a replacement.


2. Clean the AC Coils

Your AC's condenser and evaporator coils need to be dirt-free to function optimally. Replacing the air filters regularly can help keep the evaporator coil from collecting dirt quickly. However you need to clean the coils every year to avoid costly repairs.

Similarly, the outdoor condenser coils need proper maintenance to boost their efficiency. If the surrounding environment is dusty, or there is lots of foliage, dirt can easily collect on the condenser fins. You should also clean the area around the coil, trim foliage, and remove the debris nearby.


3. Comb the Coil Fins

After long and continuous use of your AC unit, the aluminum fins on the condenser and evaporator coils may begin to bend. This will cause airflow obstruction leading to energy efficiency issues and poor indoor air quality.

To avoid this problem, you should regularly check the coil fins for bents. If there are any, you can buy a "fin comb" in a nearby retailer store and use it to comb the fins back into their original condition.


4. Clean the AC's Condensate Drain

Your AC's condensate drain line can clog if left unmaintained. You can avoid the clogging by passing a stiff wire, once in a while, through the AC's drain channels. Too much debris, algae, and dirt build-up in the drain channel can lead to serious performance issues. For instance, the unit may fail to reduce humidity, resulting in excess moisture that may discolor the walls and carpet.


End Note

Keeping your air conditioning unit in the best shape often means carrying out regular inspection and maintenance. The benefit is that you'll minimize common AC Problems and avoid costly breakdowns and repairs. In case of any malfunction that requires instant repairs, always consult a professional before attempting to fix the damage yourself.