How to Do the Right Description for a Property that sells?


Do you have a house that you plan to sell? Well, perhaps you have cleaned it well, thrown away all unnecessary stuff, and made it look in the best way. You even took a few great pictures and started to wait for the first clients. It is a nice idea since the statistics mention that 93% of all house buyers look for accommodation exactly online. But if you can't reach your potential clients, then you might have forgotten about one important thing - real estate description. It plays a significant role in achieving a successful outcome. Despite whether you sell your property on your own, or entrust it to a real estate agent, make sure that your advert has an outstanding description.

seeing a house through a fence


7 Tips on Writing a Winning Real Estate Description

The description is the first thing that your potential clients will see. Hence, you will not have another chance to set the right impression and grab their attention. Look at the following tips and make your ad stand out in the crowd or hire an essay writer and let the professionals help you.


Be accurate

The worst way to lose a potential client is to deceive. Think well before you start to write the creative property description and be accurate. If your house is in bad condition, then you should mention it directly instead of saying the opposite. Rather than deceive people, mention available problems and the ways to fix them. If you have a small dark house, and your description says that it is a high, light, and modern building, then the person will leave it before even entering. Feel free to talk openly about drawbacks but try to convert them into positive ones. This way, the client will be ready for shortcomings and accept that some improvements must be done.


Select the adjectives wisely

All good property description examples contain enough adjectives but not too much. You should mind this success formula as well if you do want the users to close your ad at once. Be descriptive, choose suitable words to tell about your house, but limit your praise. Otherwise, the clients will start to feel suspicious. You should be creative and at the same time give the viewers a true idea of real estate. Let the readers feel it is some special place that is worth their attention.


Prefer words that add some value

You should include the words that add value and give a better idea of your house. Think about the best things like a Jacuzzi or something like that and write luxurious Jacuzzi. According to recent research, words like luxurious, impeccable, and landscaped can surely increase sales. Along with them, some words may negatively impact the success of your real estate description. Words like "TLC", "fixer", "cosmetic" give bad associations to the potential client. The person will think that your property requires numerous repairs. Until the house is in too bad condition, you should avoid red-flag words.


Highlight important features

It is not recommended to mention such basic details as the number of baths, beds, etc. in your description. The readers can easily pick up this information in another section. Instead, leave space for more significant things that will briefly introduce your house and give a positive idea of it. In other words, you should highlight unique features. Is there a fireplace or stained glass window? Maybe you can name other features that prove your house to be the best option for potential buyers? Arrange all your thoughts in a way the person would like to schedule a showing as soon as possible.


Mind punctuation

Even if everything about your property is excellent, you should not end every sentence of your descriptions with an exclamatory mark. Do not overdo with sounding too excited. Prefer including complete and clear sentences with perfect punctuation. Mind that long sentences may harm the overall description readability. You can be sure that potential clients will appreciate your attempt to provide them with a coherent summary.


Add awesome photos

It is not a secret that most people like visually attractive things. Hence, adding a few great photos to your ad will play into your hands. This way, you will grab the attention of the potential buyers even if you can't express your thoughts well with help of text. Mind, that the person will surely go to the next ad if yours includes grainy, dark, poor-quality pictures. Use natural light and a good camera to take awesome photos for your advertisement.


Focus on your clients

Put on your potential clients' shoes and think about what kind of description they may like. What things do most of them pay attention to? If you have no idea who your potential clients are you probably should turn to the best paper writing service - they can both make necessary research on the audience and prepare the text of the description. Whether you write it yourself or hire someone, make sure that your ad sounds personalized and contains all important details that give a full idea of your property.

Polish your text, add great pictures, and check it a few times. It would be great if some of your friends or relatives can have a look at the description to see whether it requires some improvements.


Final Thoughts

Mind that two people will create a greater description than one. In other words, you can cooperate with a real estate agent. Such a person can help you create a proper description that meets all formal expectations. Still, exactly the owner can add necessary words that will make the overall ad more personalized. This way, the potential readers will surely pay attention to the description and go on studying it.