How to Care For Granite Tile Floors


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If you have recently installed granite tile floors in your home, congratulations! Granite is an excellent choice for a durable and beautiful flooring option. However, maintaining that beauty does require some effort. But don't worry! In this post, we'll share some tips on how to care for your granite tile floors and keep them looking like new.

First of all, let's talk about regular cleaning. It's essential to sweep or vacuum your granite tile floors regularly to remove dirt, debris, and other particles that can scratch the surface. When sweeping, use a soft-bristled broom instead of a hard-bristled one to avoid damaging the tiles.

For vacuuming, choose a vacuum cleaner with a slippery floor setting or use the wand attachment if your model has one. Avoid using the beater brush as it can cause scratches on the surface of your granite tiles.

As for mopping your granite tiles after cleaning them (ensure they are adequately cured before installing), mix warm water with just a few drops of mild dish soap or a specially formulated cleaner made just for granite floor care, like professional granite floor cleaning in Chicago. Use only small amounts before going all-in because it's essential never to leave any residue behind on the floor's surface once cleaning has been done; many standard cleaners contain acids and alkalis, which etch into stone surfaces over time!

Now let's move on to specific spots like spills or stains that may occur occasionally. Grabbing paper towels immediately is crucial because if left unattended for too long, liquids can seep between tiles creating deep staining on grout lines - which often happens when acidic beverages like coffee alter tile coloration permanently.

Try blotting up stains instead of wiping them away since blotting helps soak up liquid more effectively without smearing it around further, giving you weird patterns on what could have otherwise been gripping surfaces while preserving colors without discoloration overtime with stubborn stains using a poultice can help remove them.

Clean and dry spills promptly rather than wallowing in self-pity over spilled milk on the floor. Let's discuss what to avoid when caring for granite tile floors. Firstly, abrasive cleaners are a big no-no as they can scratch or dull the surface of your tiles. Also, be careful not to use anything acidic like vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice's or any other citrus-based cleaner on granite tiles because they can etch or eat away at the surface.

When we talked previously about picking out which cleaner to use, expert granite floor cleaning in Chicago was recommended because it is specially formulated with natural ingredients that protect your flooring while maintaining its shine even after long periods, which makes it last longer.

Lastly, avoid leaving pools of water on your granite tile floors as it will stain over time; consider something more absorbent to soak up spills if necessary instead of just letting water pool around and have damage done by it eventually. This also helps prevent mold growth underneath your floorboards.

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Remember these simple tips when caring for your granite tile floors: sweep/vacuum regularly with a soft-bristled tool, mop using gentle cleanser mixed only in small amounts per time (a specially formulated one would be best), addresses spills and stains immediately with care not to smear them around too much during the cleaning process - blotting works excellent!

In conclusion, taking good care of your granite tile floors will pay off longevity and beauty while ensuring their cleanliness. Avoiding harsh chemicals/cleaners while providing adequate moisture balance via regular maintenance should guarantee that you'll get maximum enjoyment out of those beautiful stones underfoot!