How High-Rise Buildings Can Benefit from Indoor Mapping


If you're constructing a high-rise building, whether it's an office or an apartment block, maybe you should map the indoors with Mappedin or a similar indoor mapping software. This 3D indoor mapping system makes it easy for people to find their way around your building and has multiple additional benefits to.

High-rise buildings are large and complex, making it difficult for visitors and even regulars to find their way around. Wall signage is too simple for such a complex building, so it's a good idea to look into indoor mapping software and provide your visitors with a better, more efficient experience.

Here we look at how high-rise buildings can benefit from indoor mapping software. Let's go!

Boston High Rise


It's easier for people to find things

Okay, so this is the most obvious benefit to indoor mapping. High-rise buildings have dozens of floors, all of which have their own unique layouts and systems within themselves. This quickly creates a multi-story labyrinth that can be a nightmare for people to navigate.

If you're a business owner who has meetings with a lot of visiting clients, this is not a good system.

Indoor mapping software can provide visitors and regular building users with detailed 3D maps of the building, floor by floor. They can easily search for the company and department they're looking for, making the process much simpler and more efficient.

With step by step directions, there's no excuse for anyone to have trouble finding things.


You can charge higher rent prices

Generally speaking, the more convenience you can provide tenants with, the more you can charge them for using your building.

Indoor mapping is an excellent example of a convenient feature that your tenants will extract value from, helping you to justify higher rent prices as you differentiate yourself from similar high-rise buildings that use outdated software.

It also makes you seem trendy and innovative, which never hurts!


There are branding opportunities

Indoor mapping software like MappedIn comes with options for custom branding and styling, so it's possible for high-rise buildings to promote their brand by stylizing the software to reflect it.

This is a great way for property owners and businesses to improve their customers' experience, get their brand name out there, and provide a seamless experience that feels professional throughout.


Fire drills are much safer

If you've got a high-rise building, it can be very difficult to evacuate safely in the event of a fire or some other kind of accident. People tend to scramble for the doors they're used to using, but that might not always be the best idea

Indoor mapping software allows you to send out alerts to people's devices in the event of a fire or similar problem. These alerts can highlight the closest and/or most efficient exit route for users, helping people to disperse out of the building in a better manner.

You can also tell people the closest fire extinguisher to their location, making it quick and simple to find an extinguisher if a small fire breaks out nearby.


Employees can book out rooms easily

If your high-rise building is filled with offices, the software can make it easy for employees to book out meeting rooms within the company. Indoor mapping software usually comes with room booking integrated, allowing users to see the availability of rooms in real-time.

Some more advanced software also shows live data through sensors that let you know which rooms are free right now, so there's no need to check in person.

Whether it's fire drills or finding your way around, there are many ways that high-rise buildings can benefit from indoor mapping software!